Installation-based AI Texturing Service Also Provided Free During Open Beta Period

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#3D–UModeler, Inc. (CEO Hwang Jaesik) announced the start of the open beta test for its next-generation real-time 3D asset creation solution ‘UModeler X’.

UModeler X, developed by UModeler, Inc. is the next version of UModeler, which has been downloaded by more than 20,000 developers worldwide on the Unity Asset Store. Provided as a plugin for the Unity editor, it supports 3D modeling as well as modifiers, rigging, and painting, making it easier to create real-time 3D content even without prior knowledge of popular 3D software like Maya and Blender etc.

The software’s self-developed global-level 3D engine technology makes it possible to handle high-capacity polygon data and real-time automatic rigging and 3D painting. Therefore, UModeler X can be used in various fields, including 3D background creation and dynamic 3D models like characters and items. Additionally, it allows both professionals and non-professionals to import 3D models from other 3D software into Unity and make real-time edits and adjustments in the final rendering context.

During the open beta phase, the new premium AI texturing feature will be available for free. This grants users unlimited image generation capabilities, allowing for seamless texturing of characters, backgrounds, and various 3D models. This substantially boosts the efficiency of real-time content production for game developers and metaverse creators using Unity. High-quality 3D backgrounds that used to take weeks to produce manually, can now be created within just a few hours using UModeler X’s AI texturing.

UModeler X Reaffirms Participation in Unity’s Verified Solutions Program.

As part of the Verified Solutions program, UModeler X is poised to become an indispensable software for millions of real-time content developers on Unity.

CEO Hwang Jaesik of UModeler Inc. said, “Through this open beta test, any Unity developer worldwide will be able to fully experience the superior 3D asset creation capabilities of UModeler X, built on the familiar Unity UI. We are confident that our comprehensive online manuals and tutorial videos, available in both English and Korean, will greatly aid users in getting started with and maximizing UModeler X. We anticipate UModeler X will receive immense love from Unity game developers and from metaverse creators in Zepeto, VRChat, as well as many more developers across various industries utilizing Unity.”

The free use of the UModeler X open beta test can be found on the official website (

About UModeler, Inc.

UModeler, Inc. is the creator of UModeler on Unity’s Asset Store, with users from over 150 countries worldwide. The company has launched the open beta version of UModeler X, aimed at providing a user-friendly, real-time 3D asset creation service based on game engine technology. Through continuous technological development, the company plans to further enhance UModeler X by offering advanced 3D asset creation technology and AI-based cloud services in the future, making it more efficient to use.

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