About the NAVGTR Awards

Back in ’82 when I was executive editor on Electronic Games magazine, we were constantly asking the industry [why] it refused to publicize its creative talent. Imagine any other entertainment industry — books, movies, TV, music, etc. — where successful past product by an artist or artists was not used to market current and future product. How many times have we seen [ads saying] ‘From the people who brought you [name of hit game]’ or ‘By the creators of [name of game]?’ Not many. As long as the developers remain anonymous, they will never have any value beyond ‘What have you done for us lately?’

Bill Kunkel

We Recognize Creators

The Academy has a strict policy that all awards are engraved with the names of actual individuals who did the work.  

Indie Spirit

In its effort to recognize emerging talent and new ideas, the Academy includes categories for Original Games in addition to the sequel or series categories. This strategy not only allows the voters of the Academy to recognize and honor a greater variety of experiences, but also gives original IP a fighting chance against the well-known franchises in a tremendously sequel-driven industry.

We Promote the Art of Games

Developers deserve recognition. Excellence should be rewarded. We believe that by encouraging more recognition of many of the industry’s talented individuals, the enhanced visibility of these leaders will lead to a greater public appreciation of game developers as artists.

Celebrating the Industry

Dedicated members of the industry and members of the press are stepping forward to recognize the video game achievements that you don’t hear about on the evening news’ entertainment report. 

1,200 Media Voters

Our mission as a media group is to share and celebrate the limitless artistry that can come from this interactive medium. Video games are an art form, and our unique award categories reflect just how far that art has come.


Our most valued contributors have assisted the organization on honorary awards, promotions, panels, and exhibits.