HUZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On November 4-5th, the Offside Music Festival, Asia’s largest post-rock music festival, will be held in Anji Zhejiang. This event will last two days and invites a number of known post-rock bands, including Wang Wen, God is an astronaut, Mooncake, April Rain and so on.

The Offside Music Festival is different from the performance lineup of the traditional music festival. It advocates for “backing to the initial music”. The goal of the music festival is to connect everyone with the sensation by music and body instead of words and to get “offside” from the status quo.

To emphasize the theme of this music festival and fuse into “natural whispers” and “instrumental resonance”, The organizers deliberately selected Anji city, where is famous for the bamboo forests and white tea, and hope that every aspect of the nature and humanity will be echoed, ultimately creating a utopia, where nature, music and people coexist in harmony.

In addition to the musical performances, the organizers will establish the “Offside Community” with all participants. It encompasses four main themes: unity, responsibility, individuality, and participation. Moreover, it covers society, sustainable development, multiple expression, shared space, and other aspects, for building a public platform to stimulate more sensitive perception and fresh imagination of music, art, and life.

Life goes on, music goes on. Let’s rip off the labels, throw ourselves into the music wave, and find a life which is not defined.


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