LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jam & Tea Studios has raised over $3m in seed funding to pioneer a new generation of multiplayer roleplaying video games. The round was led by games sector expert London Venture Partners, with participation from Sisu Game Ventures and 1Up Ventures.

Jam & Tea Studios was founded by games industry veterans J Aaron Farr, M Yichao, and T Carl Kwoh, who draw experience from Riot Games, Wizards of the Coast, Phoenix Labs, Singularity 6, and more. The company leverages cutting edge technological innovations in AI to create new game experiences that were previously impossible.

“We started Jam & Tea Studios to make collaborative and uncompromisingly multiplayer games,” said Carl Kwoh, CEO and co-founder. “We believe in the power of games to serve as a space for folks to form positive and playful social connections. We also are excited about games as a means to deliver truly novel and immersive experiences.”

To that end, Jam & Tea is using AI to empower previously impossible levels of player agency—and doing so with multiplayer from the start. “We’re excited for what AI unlocks in terms of design space and new gameplay possibilities,” said Aaron Farr, CTO and co-founder. “While we’re confident there will be improvements to workflows, we are far more focused on using AI to unlock game experiences folks have never seen before.”

M Yichao, CCO and co-founder, agreed. “I’m most excited for the new creative possibilities AI-powered tools can unleash for our designers and artists. As the volume of generated content grows with easier-to-use AI tools, the need for human innovation will grow as well. If you’re a game developer and a creative who is excited to explore new frontiers of possibilities, making the games we only dreamed of as kids, we’d love to hear from you.”

“We are convinced that new delightful and fun game features and formats will be born in the coming years as AI matures and gets integrated into game development and operations, so when we met Jam & Tea we immediately wanted to join them on this journey. Their clarity of vision and experience puts them in a perfect position to uncover this potential,” said Are Mack Growen, General Partner at LVP, who will also join the board.

Joining the founders are Sam Bong, COO; Jake Mott, Principal Designer; Max Shawabkeh, Gameplay Engineer; and Yudi Xue, ML Engineer. Together with the founders, the team brings their past experiences working on titles like League of Legends, Guild Wars 2, Magic the Gathering, Rocket League, Fortnite, Warhammer 40k, Palia, and Dauntless.

To learn more about Jam & Tea Studios, please visit: jamandtea.studio/blog.

About Jam & Tea Studios

Jam & Tea Studios is a remote-first game studio focused on building uncompromisingly multiplayer games. Founded in August 2023 by J Aaron Farr, M Yichao, and T Carl Kwoh, the team collectively bring experience from Riot Games, Wizards of the Coast, Singularity Six, and Games Workshop. To learn more, visit: jamandtea.studio.

About London Venture Partners

LVP is an early stage fund with a valuable difference: the partners are operating experts in the games ecosystem and team have been seed investors in game companies that have created over $30 billion in value through exits including Supercell, Unity, Playfish and NaturalMotion. LVP are investors in many other great companies including Singularity 6, Bunch, Betadwarf, Modoyo, Treehouse Games, PnkFrg and others. To learn more about LVP, visit http://www.londonvp.com.

About Sisu Ventures

Sisu Game Ventures is an early-stage fund for game developers, by game developers. After building and operating 16 game studios, the partners set up Sisu in 2014 to build the fund they would have wanted support from when founding their first studios. Sisu has invested in and supported over 80 game companies, such as Small Giant Games, Neon Giant, Mainframe Industries, New Tales, Solsten, and Snowprint Studios. To learn more, visit https://sisu.vc.


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