TAIPEI, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The much-anticipated “TAIWAN PLUS” cultural festival, co-organized by the General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC) and Eslite Spectrum, is set to make a grand return on Sept. 16 and 17. Last year, the festival, which stands as one of Japan’s most significant celebrations of Taiwanese culture, attracted an impressive 200,000 attendees in just two days. For this year’s edition, the festival will gather over a hundred Taiwanese brands to present the latest and most stylish aspects of Taiwanese lifestyle through food, music, and design at Ueno Park in Tokyo.

The central theme for this year’s festival “Taiwan x Japan” embodies the essence of mutual prosperity and co-creation between the two nations. Additionally, it also reflects the spirit of mutual solidarity, exemplified by the exchange of medical supplies and vaccines during the challenging times of the pandemic. Hence, in this year’s event, there will be co-branded booths to showcase the collaborative effort between Taiwan and Japan. For the first time, they are introducing a souvenir exhibition, featuring the top ten must-buy souvenirs from Taiwan that are not available in Japan. The “Taste of Taiwan” booth will allow visitors to conveniently purchase a diverse selection of Taiwanese specialties at Ueno.

Furthermore, alongside the market activities, the GACC has invited ten performing groups, making this edition the largest and most extensive in terms of musical performances in its history. These musical groups will sing in various languages, including Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, and Indigenous languages, showcasing the diverse voices of Taiwan and fostering connections through music that resonate with people’s hearts. AMIS Kakeng Musical Group and Cosmos People will perform during the exclusive opening ceremony on Sept. 16, which is not open to the general public. During the official event on Sept. 16 and 17, visitors can anticipate an impressive lineup of performances by Huang Tzu-hsuan, Kivi, Dremedreman, Makav, Henry Hsu, Wonfu, Fire EX., Dan Hsueh, Sorry Youth, and Iruka Police.


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