COLOGNE, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Joyway Technology proudly presents a series of remarkable products under their high-end brand “IYX” at Gamescom 2023, marking their debut at the event. The IYX series seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with exquisite aesthetics, delivering an exceptional tactile experience and captivating visual design.


Karloff introduces an innovative fusion of carbon fiber surface and all-metal CNC body. Its magnetic carbon fiber wrist rest accommodates a 20,000mAh battery, supporting wireless charging and ensuring uninterrupted keyboard power, erasing battery life concerns. The detachable display module serves as a clock, timer, and more, operating independently.

In addition to its design, Karloff integrates multi-layer compartments and customized switches, delivering an exquisite typing sound. It facilitates full-key hot-swapping and features 3 connecting modes, both wired and wireless. Karloff’s aluminum alloy storage case enhances portability.


Opal features an innovative magnetic suspension GASKET structure with adaptable soft and hard modes. Side switches enable users to customize their typing experience for work or gaming. A gesture-sensing chip near the ESC key allows lighting adjustments and even web browsing through gestures. The conveyor belt-style volume roller offers a comfortable sliding experience.

Opal boasts a fully transparent body, 3 connecting modes, RGB lighting, and full-key hot-swapping. Its large metal footpads offer excellent anti-slip performance and various keying heights.


Mithril showcases a full CNC metal body design with an 80% key layout. It supports RGB and three-mode connections, accompanied by multi-layer compartments and a suspended structure for easy cleaning and improved key confirmation. The keyboard’s military-style aluminum case ensures protection during travel, enhancing convenience for gamers on the move.


Topaz incorporates a GASKET structure design, merging a metal shell with a transparent body for a blend of metal aesthetics and futuristic technology. It supports three connecting modes, RGB lighting and full-key hot-swapping as well. The diffused light effect when the lights are on elevates Topaz’s overall appearance, radiating a splendid allure.

Innovation Drives Development, Technology Shapes the Future

Informed by an in-depth understanding of the requirements of office users and eSports players, IYX is dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience and performance. It has created a comprehensive ecosystem encompassing hardware, software, and peripheral services. IYX’s innovative products are set to infuse fresh energy into the peripheral industry. In the coming years, IYX will continue introducing exceptional new products to its customer base.


JiaPeng Zhang