Touring Operator Brick Fest Live joins L2’s roster of family entertainment brands

DEVON, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–L2 Capital announced the acquisition of Open World, Inc. (the ‘Company’), a full-service live-event production and promotion company specializing in family-friendly educational entertainment. Open World currently tours Brick Fest Live, which will join L2 Capital’s primary touring property, Jurassic Quest, acquired in 2019.

Open World events bring a fresh perspective to family-friendly experiences by providing a variety of interactive exhibits and activities that help children grow through creative play. Open World shows provide ample space for children to walk through exhibits, actively engage in hands-on activities, and enjoy time with family. Attendees are typically families with children between the age of 6 to 12. Founded in 2012, Open World has produced over 100 events in venues across the United States and also sells licensed LEGO® merchandise at each of its brick-themed events, as well as through various e-commerce channels. The Company continually adds new activities, concepts, and attractions to its shows, creating one of the most unique family entertainment events on the market.

“I am thrilled to join the L2 team,” said Open World founder Chad Collins. “I’m looking forward to being part of a dynamic lineup to build a truly global entertainment platform together.”

L2 Capital Partner Lorin Cassidy Wolfe concurred, saying, “The aim with our first acquisition, Jurassic Quest, back in 2019 was to begin building the leading family entertainment touring company. With the addition of Open World’s existing and planned concepts, we will grow our national presence and offer a diversified portfolio of content to families seeking experiential entertainment.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to welcome the Open World team,” says Jeff Munn, CEO of Jurassic Quest, who will oversee world-wide operations and growth efforts across the expanded portfolio. “We look forward to accelerating their touring presence, while maximizing our collective potential by bringing our experienced teams together as we build an entertainment platform that continues to bring joy to countless families around the world.”

About Open World:

Open World is home to the nation’s top traveling show in its category, Brick Fest Live, and continually adds new activities, concepts, and attractions to its shows, creating one of the most unique family entertainment events on the market. Open World’s scale and concept innovation enables the business to deliver an unmatched family atmosphere and experience at its events.

About Brick Fest Live:

Brick Fest Live (BFL) is the flagship concept of Open World and is an independently produced event designed to inspire, educate, and entertain. BFL shows include over 1 million bricks on display, as well as several hands-on activities and attractions that provide families with fun, safe, educational, and interactive environments. BFL events and stations enable children to develop motor and engineering skills, as well as opportunities to express their creativity, inspired by the unique appeal of LEGO.

About Jurassic Quest:

Jurassic Quest is the largest and most realistic dinosaur exhibition in North America, having toured epic dinosaur experiences and treating millions of people to an up close and personal look at the giants that once ruled the Earth. This year, Jurassic Quest, will tour 140 multi-day dinosaur-themed events in 43 states and 6 Canadian provinces, selling more than 1.8 million tickets, primarily in arenas and convention centers with three concurrently touring shows to accommodate growing demand.

About L2 Capital Partners:

L2 Capital ( is a lower middle market private equity firm in Devon, PA and Miami, FL that has delivered market leading returns since 2010 by investing in niche lower middle market leading consumer and business services companies. L2 executes a differentiated operations-focused strategy by targeting founder and entrepreneur-led businesses that are at an inflection point where L2’s breakthrough growth framework and direct operating expertise can quickly accelerate market share gain.


Susan Savage