NAGOYA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The online casino information site “Oncasi Cash (” conducted a survey on the importance of criteria for choosing an online casino among 167 Japanese gambling enthusiasts. We asked about 7 items such as reliability, safety, ease of deposit and withdrawal, and game type.

This article was translated into English from the article “Oncasi Cash” and posted as a press release. Survey details and graph images are available on the official website of “Oncasi Cash”.

Questionnaire survey overview

This survey was conducted over the internet, targeting Japanese online casino enthusiasts. The investigation period spanned from June 8, 2023 (Wednesday) to June 14, 2023 (Sunday). A total of 167 respondents participated in the survey.

The following seven items were asked on a five-point scale of ‘very important’, ‘important’, ‘neither important’, ‘not very important’ and ‘not important at all’.

  • Sufficiency of bonuses and benefits
  • Convenience and safety of deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Website usability and navigation
  • Quality and promptness of customer support
  • Security and privacy protection
  • Convenience of mobile play
  • Online casino reputation and reviews from other players

Summary of survey results

“Fairness and trustworthiness” was the most frequently cited as very important, with 111 responses (66.5%). This was followed by 99 responses (59.3%) for “convenience and safety of deposit and withdrawal methods” and 97 responses (58.1%) for “security and privacy protection.”

Regarding “convenience of mobile play”, the number of respondents who answered that it was very important was relatively small, remaining at 55 (32.9%).

The full survey results, along with graphs and other visuals, can be found on the “Oncasi Cash official website.

About “Oncasi Cash”

Oncasi Cash is an online casino information site that provides beginner-friendly guides on starting an online casino, depositing and withdrawing money, and recommended games.

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