NAGOYA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The gambling information site “Public Gambling Guide (” operated by Site Creation Co., Ltd. conducted a questionnaire survey about American horse racing on targeting 150 Japanese gambling enthusiasts. They asked 8 questions, about awareness of racecourses and races of American horse racing, degree of interest in Japanese horse racing and American horse racing, and what they want to know about American horse racing.

This is a summary of press releases from the Public Gambling Guide. The complete questionnaire, detailed results and graphical are available on the “Public Gambling Guide”.

Questionnaire survey overview

This survey of 150 Japanese gambling enthusiasts was conducted on the internet from July 12-13, 2023.

Summary of survey results

How much do you know about American horse racing?

  • 62% did not know it at all, 33% knew it a little, 4.7% knew it to some extent, and 0% knew it in detail.

Have you ever seen an American horse racing?

  • 62% have never seen it, 26% have seen it once or twice, 11.3% watch it occasionally, and 0.7% watch it regularly.

Have you ever bet on American horse racing?

  • 95.3% never bet on it, 2.7% bet on it occasionally, 2% have bet on it once or twice, and 0% bet on it regularly.

Do you know famous American horse racetracks and races? (Multiple selection possible)

  • 36.3% didn’t know any races. 27.0% knew the Kentucky Derby, 12.8% knew the Breeders’ Cup, less than 10% knew of the Arlington Million, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, and others.

Which do you think is more interesting, Japanese horse racing or American horse racing?

  • 67.3% found Japanese horse racing interesting, 32.7% found American horse racing interesting.

Would you like to try American horse racing?

  • 73.3% do not want to try it, 26.7% want to try it.

The complete survey results, accompanied by graphs and other visuals, can be found on the “Public Gambling Guide” official website.

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