LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ai–RAD Intelligence, better known as RAD AI, and Overplay Games are thrilled to announce their collaboration on the first-ever pickleball video game made from actual footage. By leveraging RAD AI’s data-driven creative intelligence and Overplay’s technology that converts video content into interactive games, the two companies have created a fun-filled gaming experience that puts players right in the action of a pickleball rally.

As pickleball has grown by an average of 158% over the past three years, the sport has become a cultural phenomenon amongst communities of all ages. With celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck playing alongside everyday people looking for some competitive fun, and star athletes like LeBron James, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes investing in professional teams, it’s no wonder why pickleball is currently the most trending sport – even outpacing major US fan favorites such as football, baseball and basketball.

“Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America, with more than 36.5 million players in the US alone,” said Jeremy Barnett, CEO and co-founder of RAD Intelligence. “By combining Overplay’s video technology with our data-driven creative intelligence, we were able to rapidly create a gaming experience that is truly innovative and responsive to the current trends in sports and entertainment.”

RAD AI and Overplay Games are excited about the opportunities that this collaboration presents for both companies and the industry as a whole. By combining their respective expertise and technologies, the partnership aims to redefine the boundaries of interactive experiences for social media users, gamers, brands, and influencers worldwide.

“The collaboration with RAD has allowed us to showcase the power of our technology in a fun and innovative way,” said Caroline Strzalka, COO and co-founder of Overplay. “Utilizing actual video footage and immersive gameplay, players get to experience the thrill of pickleball rallies in the palm of their hands.”

For those interested in trying out the first-ever pickleball video game, it’s available to play now.

For more information on how RAD AI automates ROI-based creative decisions and content strategy at scale, visit https://www.radintel.ai/.

For more information about Overplay and to invest in the future of gaming and interactive content, visit wefunder.com/overplay.

About RAD Technologies, Inc:

RAD AI (Remove All Doubt) is an artificial intelligence that automates ROI-based creative decisions and content strategy at scale. The company uses its proprietary AI through 600+ API connections to deliver unbiased creative intelligence that informs campaign concepts, content production and influencer selection. This results in better ROI across the entire marketing mix, hundreds of hours saved on creating content, and a measurable reduction in content costs. The company is based in Los Angeles and was founded in 2018. For more information about RAD Intelligence, please visit us at https://www.radintel.ai.

About Overplay:

Overplay is a user-generated gaming platform that empowers creators to build their own games from short videos and share them with the world. Founded by seasoned interactive media executives Dan Projansky and Caroline Strzalka, Overplay aims to democratize game development and make it accessible to everyone. The platform has generated over 1 million games played and 150,000 alpha app downloads, and has a waitlist of over 7,000 creators eager to use its beta version game maker. Overplay is backed by Village Global, Gaingels, Sound Media Ventures, Plus Eight Equity Partners, Gaingels, Red & Blue Ventures, Band of Angels, Stampede Ventures, and Outlander Capital as well as angels from Warner Brothers and Riot Games. For more information, please visit overplay.com.


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