XI’AN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On June 30th, in celebration of the 26th anniversary of the return of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to the motherland, Shaanxi was invited to participate in the Victoria Park celebration organized by the Celebration Committee of various sectors in Hong Kong. The Xi’an exhibition area in the venue attracted the attention of many Hong Kong citizens, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the Tang Dynasty atmosphere of the Fragrant Harbor and experience the unique charm of Shaanxi culture.

According to reports, the Xi’an exhibition area is themed “Ancient Capital for a Millennium, Chang’an Always Welcomes Visitors” (referring to the ancient name of Xi’an). In terms of the atmosphere design at the event site, it combines the iconic cultural elements of Xi’an’s Tang Paradise, integrates the distinctive cultural and tourism features of Shaanxi, and the cultural and creative intellectual property of Xi’an’s Tang Paradise, creating an immersive themed street block that consists of six major sections: cultural performances, Tang costume displays, Hanfu experiences, Tang culture interaction, cultural and creative markets, and immersive cinemas.

At the event venue, there are two main sections: the performance area and the exhibition area. The performance area features the “Dancing Fragrant Harbor in Tang Style” theme performance, which takes place on the main stage of the venue. It is a three-day, five-show art performance by a professional team of 20 performers, all of whom come from two well-known local art institutions in Xi’an: Xi’an Song and Dance Theater and Xi’an Warrior Flag Acrobatics Troupe.

The exhibition area takes inspiration from the 108 lanes of Chang’an and is divided into Changle Lane, Anren Lane, Yonghe Lane, and Xingqing Lane based on the exhibition content. Changle Lane mainly showcases Hanfu experiences and make-up, and sets up an ancient atmosphere scene for the audience to immerse themselves in the beauty of traditional Chinese costumes. Anren Lane mainly exhibits Tang patterns, Tang costumes, and Tang-style handicrafts. It presents visitors with the magnificent and exquisite era of the Tang Dynasty through exhibition methods, and also provides interactive experience projects for visitors to experience the cultural atmosphere of ancient life through games. Xingqing Lane mainly showcases interactive entertainment and photo opportunities, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the street scenes of the Tang Dynasty. Yonghe Lane mainly exhibits exquisite Tang Sancai Museum craftsmanship and cultural and creative products from the Tang Paradise, using modern cultural and creative products to revive the historical memory of the Tang Dynasty. In addition, a dome immersive cinema with new technologies and materials is introduced, allowing Hong Kong citizens and tourists to immerse themselves in the history, culture, natural scenery, and modern urban landscape of Xi’an through 360-degree panoramic projections.


Jiang Weifeng