MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Xtag, a global leader in event management and onsite registration solutions, is thrilled to announce their strategic partnership with Zoom Events, a premier platform for virtual and hybrid events, aimed at delivering holistic event solutions that cover the entire Hybrid and In-Person event lifecycle.

The collaboration between Xtag and Zoom Events brings Xtag’s industry-leading event management and onsite registration capabilities into the Zoom Events expansive portfolio. This partnership signifies a commitment to providing event organizers with a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions that address every stage of the event planning and execution process.

With this partnership, Zoom Events will be able to offer event organizers a holistic solution that seamlessly integrates event planning, registration, virtual event execution, and onsite experiences. Event organizers will benefit from a unified platform that streamlines their workflow, eliminates the need for multiple tools, and ensures a consistent and exceptional event experience for attendees.

By leveraging Xtag’s event management and onsite registration software, event organizers using Zoom Events will have access to a wide range of features, including efficient event registration, self-check-in kiosks, badge printing, lead retrieval, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. This integration empowers event organizers to efficiently manage their events, drive attendee engagement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance future events.

“We are thrilled to partner with Zoom Events, the fastest growing event platform in the industry,” said Elad Rosanski, CEO and Founder of Xtag. “This partnership provides an incredible opportunity for event organizers to enjoy the best-in-class event platform, Zoom Events, along with the cutting-edge onsite solutions technology provided by Xtag. This collaboration allows Zoom Events clients to seamlessly integrate Zoom’s exceptional platform with Xtag’s industry-leading onsite solutions.”

“With the partnership between Xtag and Zoom Events, we are thrilled to offer our clients a complete event lifecycle solution, especially as more and more events transition back to in-person and hybrid experiences,” said Robin Bunevich, Product Marketing Manager for Zoom’s event solutions. “We recognize the importance of providing our clients with the best onsite badge printing, tracking, and lead retrieval solution in order to deliver seamless event experiences for both organizers and attendees. By fully integrating these capabilities into the Zoom Events platform through our collaboration with Xtag, we are ensuring that our clients have access to the industry’s leading onsite solutions that will enhance the success of their events and elevate attendee experiences.”

The partnership between Xtag and Zoom Events represents a significant milestone in the event management industry, as it provides event organizers with a one-stop solution for all their event needs. By leveraging Xtag’s event management and onsite registration software alongside Zoom Events’ platform, event organizers can deliver seamless, engaging, and successful events throughout the entire event lifecycle.

About Xtag

Xtag is a global company with over a decade of experience providing solutions for in-person and hybrid events. Xtag has delivered tens of thousands of events of 50-30,000 attendees for leading brands and event organizers globally.

With Headquarters in Miami and warehouses in New York, Las Vegas, Miami, London, Bucharest, Buenos Aires and Tel Aviv, Xtag provides its services all over the world.

Xtag offers efficient event check-in and badging solutions, allowing organizers to quickly and seamlessly register attendees, print customized badges, and manage onsite registrations. Xtag also provides lead retrieval capabilities, enabling exhibitors to capture and track valuable leads during events.

With everything from onsite software, hardware, printing, and white-glove services available à la carte, event planners can choose the ones that suit their needs best.


Ido Bendet Taicher, Chief Business Officer, Xtag