Chinese city Yueyang hosts a series of activities at Hebotan to commemorate Qu Yuan, showcasing the excitement of traditional folklore

YUEYANG, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–From June 19 to 22, 2023, a series of events was held at Hebotan, Qu Yuan District, Yueyang City, China, to commemorate Qu Yuan. More than 2,000 years ago, Qu Yuan threw himself into the river on May 5 at Hebotan near the Miluo River in Yueyang City, China, after hearing that the state of Chu had fallen. After Qu Yuan’s death, the people of Hebotan searched for his body along the river. To avoid his body being eaten by fish and crabs in the river, they wrapped glutinous rice balls in bamboo leaves and threw them into the river to feed the fish. Consequently, during the Dragon Boat Festival, people make zongzi, race dragon boat, worship Qu Yuan. For thousands of years, Qu Yuan has become an important part of the Dragon Boat culture. Hence, Hebotan is known as the “source of Dragon Boat Festival culture, Dragon Boat culture Township”. The event was hosted by the CPC Quyuan Management District Committee and the Quyuan Management District Administrative Committee.

In the morning of June 21, thousands of visitors held a memorial ceremony and watched a water folklore performance at the “Quyuan Memorial Park” in Hebotan, and in the evening, people put up river lanterns on the bank of the river where Qu Yuan threw himself to pray for good wishes. In addition to this, there was a Chufeng Temple Fair, which showcased local folk culture and also invited local cultural celebrities and inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage to commemorate Qu Yuan in the form of poems and songs, and of course, there was a folk dragon boat race, which was colorful, and joyful. This commemoration of Qu Yuan attracted many Chinese tourists as well as students from all over the world.

Qu Yuan is both Chinese and global. As a world cultural celebrity, Qu Yuan’s patriotic, people-oriented, inquisitive and incorruptible spirit has influenced the whole world. Therefore, Qu Yuan’s culture has great significance and value for the exchange and communication of world civilization.


CPC Quyuan Management District Committee and the Quyuan Management District Administrative Committee


Li Zhi