PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VAI Resort is excited to introduce the highly anticipated VAI Amphitheater, set to open in 2024 as part of its upcoming $1 billion destination resort in Arizona. With a $40 million investment in its stage, cutting-edge design, and state-of-the-art technology, the VAI Amphitheater promises to deliver a world-class live music experience. This venue embodies the resort’s mission to become a top destination for music lovers and performers alike, redefining the way live entertainment and hospitality intersect.

Situated within the stunning 60-acre VAI Resort, featuring pristine white sand beaches and over 1,100 guest rooms, the VAI Amphitheater offers an unparalleled setting for live performances. It ensures that every guest has an unbeatable view of the stage, providing multiple viewing options, including hotel room balconies, sky boxes, VIP booths, cabanas, and premium amphitheater seats. With a capacity to entertain over 8,000 fans, the VAI Amphitheater combines scale with intimacy, creating a unique concert experience.

Conveniently located just minutes from Metro Phoenix, the VAI Amphitheater is set to attract music enthusiasts from across the country. Its year-round programming lineup will feature diverse artists and mini residencies, offering flexibility and adaptability. The venue will showcase a wide range of entertainment, from A-list touring acts to up-and-coming talent and comedy superstars. The VAI Amphitheater aims to cater to all genres, including rock, pop, country, and R&B.

What sets the VAI Amphitheater apart is its unwavering commitment to providing a seamless and extraordinary experience for artists. The venue has been meticulously designed with a “Plug & Play” concept, eliminating the need for artists to bring their own equipment. It offers exclusive backstage amenities, such as a back-of-house elevator and underground tunnels connecting the Rockstar Suite directly to the performance green room, ensuring privacy and convenience for artists. The VAI Amphitheater goes beyond being a performance space; it is a haven that inspires creativity and provides artists with the perfect environment to unwind and recharge between shows.

Howard Weiss, Vice President of Entertainment for VAI Resort, expresses his excitement about the VAI Amphitheater, stating, “We wanted to create a venue that captured the essence of VAI: a place where music is not just an afterthought, but the very foundation of the guest experience. The VAI Amphitheater represents the pinnacle of that vision, boasting unparalleled acoustics, stunning views, and cutting-edge technology that will create a fully integrated concert experience in a way that’s never been done before. We believe the VAI Amphitheater will set a new standard for live, outdoor entertainment.”

To bring this groundbreaking entertainment hub to life, VAI Amphitheater has partnered with industry-leading companies such as TAIT and Solotech. These collaborations ensure that both artists and fans will enjoy an unrivaled experience. The venue will feature innovative technology, including a custom and permanently installed special effects system, cutting-edge lighting, and a comprehensive camera package, guaranteeing a visually stunning experience for all guests.

Grant Fisher, President of VAI Global Development, emphasizes the resort’s dedication to creating a new type of venue, stating, “Our aim isn’t just to build the greatest venue in Arizona, but to set a new standard for live entertainment globally. We’re excited to share this vision with the world and look forward to welcoming artists and music fans from every corner of the globe to the VAI Amphitheater at the VAI Resort.”

The VAI Amphitheater is set to become a beacon of innovation in the world of live music and hospitality. With its breathtaking design, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment to providing an extraordinary experience, it is poised to captivate audiences and set a new benchmark for live entertainment.

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Celena Haas-Stacey

CHS Communications & Marketing