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ST JOHN’S, Antigua–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This. Is. Big. A world-class Las Vegas experience is waiting to be won this month at Everygame Poker, with one player earning the chance to play one of the hottest tournaments on the WSOP tour.

This year’s Vegas Millionaire Maker, one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the schedule, takes place between 23rd-28th June – and you could compete for the monster $1,000,000 prize pot just by playing exclusive Everygame events this month.

Now here’s what you can win. Everygame Poker are offering up a fabulous $4,500 fully paid poker package, including the $1,500 buy-in to the tournament and a five-night stay for two at one of Vegas’ premium hotels. There’ll be another $500 cash bonus on top, plus some exclusive Everygame merchandize!

For your chance to land this unmissable prize, you’ll need to come out on top of Everygame’s very own Vegas Millionaire Maker Final – which you can reach in a number of different ways.

There’s a stacked qualifying schedule including Gold Rush free rolls and gold chip events, multiple Vegas Millionaire Maker step satellites throughout the week. Or, you could simply buy-in to the Final Tournament – which takes place on 7th May – for $100.

The WSOP’s Vegas Millionaire Maker runs from 23-28th June, so clear your schedule and see if you can earn a shot at a seven-figure payday amongst the neon lights of Nevada.

Winning a Vegas Millionaire Maker is sure to put a smile on your face but so will this, Happy Hour!

Pour yourself a drink. Refresh, relax and reload if you need – and join Everygame Poker for two Happy Hours daily between 8th-14th May.

From 4pm-7pm and 10pm-1am Eastern – because everyone deserves a chance to get in on the action – come along, have fun and earn three times the Frequency Player Points on popular poker games.

Play Zircon 6max and 9max, or Amethyst 6max and 9max between those hours and we’ll pour you a triple shot of FPPs. Cheers to that!


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