TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–mebius. (Location: Mitaka City, Tokyo, CEO: Asako Mori), creator, developer, and distributor of computer games, proudly announces the much-awaited launch of “Tokyo Dark -Remembrance-” on iOS platforms.

“Tokyo Dark -Remembrance-” is a horror adventure game by Cherrymochi, adapted from the critically acclaimed PC version, “Tokyo Dark.”

Step into the shoes of Ayami Ito, a determined detective on a mission to find her missing partner. Traverse the haunting streets of Tokyo, where each choice and action impacts Detective Ito’s mental state, ultimately leading to multiple endings. The captivating animated cut scenes, side-scrolling exploration, and gorgeous visuals draw players into a gripping, immersive story.

The Story:

Detective Ayami Ito’s partner, Kazuki Tanaka, has vanished. What begins as a seemingly straightforward case soon takes a bizarre and chilling turn. Can Ito confront her past while maintaining her sanity? The mystery intensifies as the tale behind the mask unfolds…

Product Information:

Title: Tokyo Dark -Remembrance

Supported OS: iOS

Genre: Horror Adventure

Players: Single-player

Release Date: March 28, 2023

Price: $6.99

Distribution: Download

Rating: 17 years and older

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