SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following the recent release of Bondee in app stores across Asia, the social software has gained popularity with youth. The online social software is the brainchild of Metadream, a company in Singapore. Guided by the tenet “Live with your friends”, Bondee allows users to call its virtual world home.

After you open Bondee, you can choose from a wide selection of avatars, hairstyles, clothing, shoes, and accessories to dress up your 3D virtual image.

Once you have designed your avatar’s style, you can enter a virtual space. In this space, you can share your status, hobbies, mood, and daily life anytime, anywhere. Likewise, your friends can share their status and lives. For example, you can see if your friends are feeling angry, excited, shocked, sad, or tired. They could also be working, putting in overtime, traveling, or eating. By using your avatar to chat with friends, you can select a status, action, or animation to spice up your interactions and build rapport.

In Bondee, you can personalize your space, visit friends, and post comments as if you were actually living with friends.

What’s more, a special “floating” feature allows you to set off and explore the unknown. As you experience new sights and encounters, you can leave messages in drifting bottles, make friends, and even win gifts.

Within a few days of its launch, Bondee has delighted users, some of whom have taken to social networks to share their avatars, personalized spaces, and status. According to users, the appeal of Bondee is its addictive and endearing nature. To be sure, the seemingly simple features of the social app hold a huge potential. On social platforms, many users have left comments hoping for the engaging app to be released in more countries and regions.


Isabella Tan