• Face Wallet allows Web3 game companies to user onboarding more easily and securely
  • LINE Games-backed nerdystar chose Face Wallet for its blockchain platform LUXON


SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Blockchain–Global Web3 infrastructure provider HAECHI LABS announced a partnership with nerdystar, a blockchain game company backed by LINE Games.

HAECHI LABS now provides Face Wallet, an in-app and single sign-on wallet solution for LUXON, to nerdystar’s native blockchain platform.

To tackle the UX issues involved with wallet onboarding, Face Wallet reproduces the Web2 experience in Web3, reducing the friction associated with seed phrases and wallet signatures.

Via Face Wallet, users create wallets using social media accounts, not by memorizing perplexing phrases. Users sign transactions with 6-digit PIN codes, not complicated blockchain signatures. Face Wallet supports SMS OTP recovery whereas previously, losing one’s seed phrase meant losing one’s account permanently.

nerdystar is the studio behind LUXON and Web3 game DESPERADO B218. In 2022, nerdystar raised USD 10.8 million in an investment round led by Blocore and LINE Games.

Alan Huh, CEO & co-founder of nerdystar, stated “With Face Wallet, we provide the most convenient and secure onboarding experience for Web3 games, so that users won’t notice a difference from conventional Web2 games.”

Based on LINE Games’ highly successful Exos Heroes, Desperado B218: The Scars of Exos is a turn-based battle RPG where players battle each other by controlling five-member squads.

Geon-gi Moon, co-CEO of HAECHI LABS, said “We aim to become the global go-to Web3 wallet provider for game companies. We’ve learned how difficult the onboarding process can be for Web3 game companies and hope that HAECHI LABS can help them scale faster without sacrificing the security that characterizes blockchain technology.”

Founded in 2018 and accelerated by the Ethereum Foundation, HAECHI LABS offers Web3 auditing, treasury management, and trading solutions. HAECHI LABS has unveiled its latest product, Face Wallet, for its 500+ partners including Korea’s AAA game companies and Web3 game studios such as Netmarble, Com2uS, NPIXEL, NOD Games and more. HAECHI LABS is the trusted wallet partner of major global mainnets, including Polygon, Solana, BNB, NEAR, and Avalanche.

HAECHI LABS has facilitated over USD 50 billion in transactions for its clients including Samsung, SuperRare, SushiSwap, 1inch, LG, SK, and Indodax.

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Dain Roh, Business Development Manager