TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#NFT–Soft Gear Co., Ltd. (head office: Shinjuku, CEO: Kengo Aoki), which develops networking libraries and conducts business in server development for online multiplayer games, has launched their service, which is a server solution for developing online multiplayer games and Metaverses called “Strix Cloud”, to the Korean market.


The global market size of Korean digital games is expected to be $16.6 billion US in 2031 from $11.31 billion US in 2022. Such as with the availability of world-leading 5G, demand is increasing for stable high-speed server technology that supports ultra-high-speed communication and multi connectivity. By contributing to the streamlining of server development in South Korea, one of the world’s leading producers of online related content, Soft Gear will contribute to the further development of the Korean digital market.

With more than 15 years of research and development in networking and server technology and with their backbone of success in online multiplayer game development, Soft Gear has been working to provide cloud server solutions with the aim of providing services that allow anyone to easily utilize online technology. The technology being provided this time is a server solution provided in SaaS format called “Strix Cloud”. Since its release in Japan in 2019, it has been used by customers around the world for various purposes, including online multiplayer game/indie game development and for programming education.

With this release, Soft Gear has set up a new region in South Korean for Strix Cloud to be used and has updated their STRIX product site to support the Korean language. In January 2023, Soft Gear plans to make their technical documentation available in Korean and will continue to work on improving their support system.

Strix Cloud Features

Strix Cloud is a server solution that can be used to develop large-scale online related content where many people are connected at the same time with a significantly reduced initial and running cost allowing its users to develop at a low cost.

A real-time server, which is highly difficult to develop, can be launched with a click, freeing you from the hassle of installing, programming, and operating servers. The backend of the Strix Cloud system incorporates Soft Gear’s patented technology, enabling the high-speed processing of a large number of messages and large-scale concurrent connections.

Set Up a Game Server with a Simple Click of a Button

Setting up a game server can be completed simply by clicking a button in the Strix Cloud dashboard, which you can access from any browser. Increasing the number of servers used is as simple as clicking a button as well.

Realize High-Speed Processing of a Large Number of Concurrent Connections and Messages

As a high-performance server solution, Strix Cloud provides its users with being able to have a large number of concurrent connections as well as the ability to quickly process a large number of messages. Online multiplayer games with high amounts of traffic can process a large number of messages quickly with stability, while games with low traffic can handle large-scale simultaneous connections. Therefore, Strix Cloud is suitable for all kinds of game development, from high-speed real-time online multiplayer games to social network games.

Equipped with Many Features Necessary for Online Multiplayer Game Development | Support for WebGL Added to Strix Cloud

Strix Cloud provides its users with features that are necessary for developing online multiplayer games such as matchmaking functions, scalable node management and webhooks. Plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine are provided, and users can easily realize game-specific networking processing by using replicas (object synchronization), synchronized properties and RPCs.

In addition, Soft Gear plans to add support for WebGL on December 20th, 2022, so that Strix Cloud can be used as a WebGL online multiplayer browser game solution that will allow users to develop online multiplayer games that can be played in a web browser.


Strix Cloud Version: 1.2.1

Supported regions: Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, eastern and western United States

Supported platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Support protocols: TCP, WebSocket

Features: matchmaking feature, message relay (room feature), replicas (object synchronization), webhooks (link with external server), Unity/Unreal Engine SDK (provided as plugins), application management, users management, instance management, etc.

Company Overview

Soft Gear is a technology venture whose main line of work is in developing servers, real-time online multiplayer games and metaverses and is researching and developing their own libraries. STRIX, which was developed entirely by Soft Gear, comes equipped with many features necessary for online multiplayer game development and is widely used by major companies and individuals alike. With their knowledge and experience cultivated since online multiplayer games began, Soft Gear provides server technology that can support your network-related content.

Company name: Soft Gear Co., Ltd.

CEO: Kengo Aoki

Date of establishment: February 6th, 2008

Number of employees: 150

Head office: 1-28-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Services and products:

Contracted online multiplayer game development

Library development and provision

QA service

Website URL:

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