The World Film Industry Conference Group released the flag logo of the World Film Industry Conference recently.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The latest flag logo uses the planet is surrounded by a photographic film with the mighty lion and a lot of dazzling stars, which represent the 193 member states of the United Nations in order to match the event of the World Film Industry Conference. In the flag logo, red, white, and blue are used as the background color, symbolizing the eternal theme of film art is composed of sky, human and earth. It is designed as a visual effect that turns a new page in history, and symbolizing the global filmmakers to build a grand dynasty with new image together. The striking golden lion stands in the center, its vivid effect and the 193 stars form an interactive relationship, which not only reflects the sense of historical dynamic, but also contains the mission of the World Film Industry Conference.

In particular, the mighty lion, which is an auspicious beast from Forbidden City, is the main element of the flag logo, grabbing the planet is surrounded by a photographic film. The lion is the king of beasts, it is strong, powerful and imposing, and wears a bell on its neck. The lion body has a lot of delicate pattern, which symbolizes authority, auspiciousness, and peace. It also reflects the common ideal is created by the global filmmakers through film creation. It reflects the inheriting of global filmmakers’ tradition, symbolizing the rapid development of the global film industry and its possibilities of the future.

The 1st World Film Industry Conference will be held from December 11 to 13, 2022 in Los Angeles, USA and Macau, China on the spot or through the internet. The event theme is “From Hollywood to Aollywood, conducting dialogue cross the pacific, building a community of shared future for global filmmakers.”


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