NEW ORLEANS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jeff Strain (co-founder ArenaNet, founder Undead Labs, founder Possibility Space) is pleased to announce the public launch of Crop Circle Games, the second announced studio under Strain’s Prytania Media imprint. Supported by investments of $25M from Transcend Fund and other strategic partners, Crop Circle Games is headed by Studio Director Jessica Brunelle, with a veteran leadership team of Creative Director Doug Williams, Art Director Ocala Scott-Bellows, Design Director Nick Mhley, Tech Director Braeden Shosa, and Narrative Director Josh Scherr.

The Crop Circle Games development team has a proven track record for building emotionally engaging narrative-driven sandbox games around the pillars of hope, humor, and human empowerment. Like sister studio Possibility Space, Crop Circle is a fully distributed studio, allowing every CCG developer to live and work wherever they are happiest.

“In a dispiriting political, economic, and environmental time of history, what a pleasure to be part of a team creating a joyful, productive zone of creativity, positivity, and innovation,” says Strain. “It’s a genuine delight to be using my decades of successfully managing the business behind making games so that developers can focus on the creation of games. Trends come and go in this industry but balancing the non-flashy fundamentals of both game development and managing a business is how you build studios for the long run. I’m really excited to support this world-class team to bring this intriguing and somewhat unconventional title to players.”

Founded by Jeff and Annie Strain in Spring 2021, Prytania Media is an independent, family-owned game-development label focused on the curation of groundbreaking new game IP. Within our two announced development studios—Possibility Space and Crop Circle Games—we work to meet the growing demand for innovative games that promote cooperation, positivity, and community on a global scale.


Shawn Petraschuk,