In partnership with BNB Chain and Quest3, Project Twelve’s game carnival is set to officially begin in October, providing gamers with an unprecedented synergy of Web2 and Web3 in one historic gaming event.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Dota2–In tandem with one of the world’s largest e-sport pro contests, The International 2022, P12 Arcana is set to become the greatest Web3 game carnival of 2022. This event, which has been developed in partnership with BNB Chain and Quest3, includes a series of exciting and engaging activities for users, including but not limited to playing and calculating winners for substantial rewards, lotteries, and voting contests. Additionally, users will have the chance to win substantial rewards by supporting their favorite champs & players, allowing for a familiar yet all new experience.

P12 Arcana’s pre-launch in September revealed the huge demand and excitement surrounding the event leading up to its official launch on October 1, 2022. The carnival will run for one month, ending on November 1, 2022. Commenting on the purpose and vision for the event, Project Twelve’s Founder, Boyang, explains, “P12 has been on the mission to remake and reimagine Web3 gaming. With that, we are well-aware of the current split between gamers and Web3 users. P12 Arcana will be the biggest Web3 gaming carnival in 2022 and yet another solid step by P12 to bridge and unite old-time gamers and Web3 players into the same gaming worlds that we share and love.”

This event will unlock a brand-new dimension of Web3 gaming, offering audiences both old and new the opportunity to engage in a virtual experience unlike any other. Recognized as the gaming event of the year, Project Twelve is thrilled to unveil P12 Arcana as the ultimate experience for a global audience of gamers, e-sport fans, Web3 enthusiasts, and beyond.

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About Project Twelve

Project Twelve (P12) is a Web3 gaming ecosystem with an integrated sustainable economy. The P12 ecosystem facilitates and guarantees the design goals of true ownership, transparent price discovery, guaranteed liquidity, and verifiable scarcity, as well as enforceable governance for a truly sustainable Web3 gaming economy model.


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