Early-stage crypto VC firm focuses on backing disruptive Web3 investments

MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BRAVO READY, creator of BR1: Infinite Royale, the first risk-based shooter, welcomes Shima Capital to its growing list of investors as part of its initial $3.5MM seed round. BR1: Infinite Royale has developed a loyal following thanks to a unique monetary model that allows gamers to pay $1 to spawn and earn SOL for every player killed. To play the game, visit https://www.br1game.com/.

Evan Ryer, CEO & Co-Founder of BRAVO READY, says, “When it comes to fundraising, it’s not just about the money – it’s about bringing in people with the connections and expertise to help us accelerate our business. Shima Capital is a perfect partner for us because they have visibility and credibility in this sector and they bring incredible operational expertise to go along with their investment.”

Shima Capital is an early stage VC firm investing in disruptive crypto and Web3 companies, and is backed by Dragonfly Capital, Digital Currency Group, Tiger Global, Bill Ackman and other strategics including Huobi, ByBit, OKex, Animoca, and Republic. The fund works closely with its founders to hire talent, build product/community, fundraise, and amplify their narratives. Yida Gao (Forbes 30 Under 30), Shima Capital’s Founder and Managing General Partner, was formerly a technology investor at NEA (a $25Bn+ AUM VC) and an M&A banker at Morgan Stanley.

“When investing in web3 gaming companies at Shima, we focus on projects that meet a certain threshold of entertainment that keeps players coming back sustainably,” said Gao. “BR1’s innovative in-game functional NFTs have the perfect mix of social value (i.e. NFTs generate social capital and status) and utility value (i.e. NFTs provide players with loot) to break through this threshold that many games can’t.”

BRAVO READY co-founder Jon Cohen says, “Shima Capital is an upcoming player in the crypto space, and their founders’ experience and expertise speak for themselves. They are 100% supportive of our vision and execution strategy, and we see them being a valuable partner as we expand in the months and years ahead.”


BRAVO READY is a Montreal-based video game studio and maker of the world’s first risk-based shooter, BR1: Infinite Royale, which bridges the gap between NFT technology and win-to-earn smart contract automation. This creates a radically different experience for players by empowering them to create tangible, financial value through the time they commit to playing games and make real-time crypto transactions as a core component of gameplay through playing, renting, and other interactions.

About Shima Capital

Shima Capital is a leading early stage VC firm investing in disruptive blockchain companies. Shima is backed by Dragonfly Capital, Digital Currency Group, Tiger Global, Bill Ackman and other strategics (e.g. Huobi, ByBit, OKex, Animoca, Republic). The fund is deeply focused on taking a hands-on approach and working closely with its portfolio companies to provide the most sweat equity per dollar invested. As teams in Web3 push the frontier of innovation, Shima helps hire talent, build community, amplify narratives, and foster the acceleration of technical research and development. Shima is composed of seasoned investors, accomplished operators, and former founders who align on a mission to support all-star teams with building and scaling generational companies.


Corey Herscu