The Mobil 1 Muffler Man will help Keep Route 66 Kickin’ through a series of world-record attempts and memorable stops along “The Mother Road” starting August 25.

SPRING, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mobil 1™, the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand, announced the launch of the Keep Route 66 Kickin’ campaign to help preserve one of America’s most famous roads for motorists – the historic Route 66. In order to celebrate and support the love of driving, Mobil 1 wants to encourage drivers that the best route can be the scenic route. To highlight this, the Mobil 1 Muffler Man will travel the iconic roadway, stopping at small businesses along the way and spotlighting their impact on Route 66 through world record attempts. There is so much unexpected joy to experience along the way!

“At Mobil 1, we believe in the rejuvenating power of driving – and we are committed to helping drivers get the most out of any car they drive, so they can let go of their worries and get more out of the road,” said Bryce Huschka, Consumer Marketing and Growth Manager at ExxonMobil. “Route 66 is an embodiment of our mission to spread the love of driving as an escape from our day-to-day – which is why it was so important for us to ensure we Keep Route 66 Kickin’.”

Created in 1926, Route 66 became known as a quintessential road trip experience across the United States – buoyed by the small, unique businesses that help give the road its character. While the highway continues to be an icon of American culture and a pilgrimage for those with a love of driving, it has become bypassed over the decades with the rise of larger interstate systems.

The last few years have not been easy for the local businesses along the way – but the business owners continue to lean into supporting the unique experiences that make the journey special. That’s why Mobil 1 is celebrating the roadway through the Keep Route 66 Kickin’ campaign, highlighting businesses along the route to raise public interest through a series of events that celebrate the memory-making attractions along the route.

“By hosting this campaign along the historic Route 66, we look forward to supporting the local businesses and encouraging the public to learn more about the adventures available on the open road,” Mr. Huschka stated. “If you’re near Route 66, come visit! If you aren’t, explore to discover and show your support for the local businesses along the road. And no matter where you are, be sure to go find your own local overlooked route – a road where you can escape our overscheduled lives, turn on some music, and enjoy the drive.”

Kicking off at the western end of Route 66 at Santa Monica Pier, Mobil 1 will celebrate the historic roadway with a fanfest open to the public on August 25-28, complete with road trip-inspired live music, swag and of course, a customized, iconic Mobil 1 Muffler Man statue.

Mobil 1 and the Muffler Man will then travel to Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In in Seligman, Arizona – a Route 66 landmark – to try to set a milkshake world record. At Albuquerque’s Clowndog Hot Dog Parlor in New Mexico, the brand will pay tribute to America’s mouth-watering, deep-fried delicacies by attempting to create the world’s largest corndog. Last but not least, the journey will continue to Litchfield, Illinois, where Mobil 1 will team up with local canines to strive for the world record of most dogs attending a film screening at the Litchfield Skyview Drive-In.

“Recently, we’ve seen fewer visitors traveling down Route 66, even as it remains an icon of American and even global culture,” said John Delgadillo of Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In. “The pandemic really intensified this for us, so we’re excited to team up with Mobil 1 to promote this classic road trip experience.”

The historic 2,400 miles of roads are home to numerous unforgettable local businesses worth exploring. Drivers are encouraged to visit to help plan their next road trip. The website will feature over 100 other attractions along the route for motorists to explore. For those already traveling by car across the country, Mobil 1 will also sponsor billboards along interstates throughout the U.S., highlighting Route 66 gems and encouraging drivers to visit the roadway. Additionally, the Keep Route 66 Kickin’ website will urge drivers to show their support for designating the roadway as a historic trail.

Mobil 1 encourages Americans to visit to learn more, show their support and help preserve Route 66 for the love of driving.

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