Investment group has funded more than $60MM in 200+ crypto ventures

MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BRAVO READY, creator of BR1: Infinite Royale, a first-of-its-kind gaming experience that marries NFT technology and win-to-earn smart contract automation, today announced that crypto investment fund Big Brain Holdings has joined its blue chip team of funders as the company accelerates growth for its risk-based shooter game and other projects. Big Brain is a crypto-exclusive fund investing in pre-seed, seed, and early-stage projects.

“We saw a demo of the product, and it was flawless,” according to Big Brain. “The leadership team blew us away with their vision on where they wanted to take the game, and when I met them in person, I knew immediately that I wanted to back them. I believe their innovation as the first risk-based shooter will disrupt the current industry of competitive and tactical gaming – it’s exactly the kind of company we like to support because we see the potential for massive growth.”

Evan Ryer, CEO & Co-Founder of BRAVO READY, says, “For us, having a high-caliber investor like Big Brain is a double victory. Not only does this give us additional operating capital to achieve our goals, but it is also proof that what we are doing is resonating in a very crowded market space and is helping us stand out from our peers. We are tremendously excited to have them on our team as we power up our operations.”

BR1: Infinite Royale is a first-of-its-kind risk-based shooter and has developed a loyal following thanks to a unique monetary model that allows gamers to pay $1 to spawn and earn SOL for every player killed. There is no start or finish to the game because players can spawn into the game at any time, and the game map is a giant island that supports hundreds of players who spawn on the edges and work their way toward the center. Survival-style gameplay places new characters far from other players with little access to items such as weapons, ammo, consumables, or equipment, but towards the center of the island they encounter a higher frequency of players and items. One of Bravo Ready’s key innovations is a generative character-rendering pipeline to produce an infinite number of unique characters. By using a proprietary pathway for randomizing textures, colors and designs, each mesh in the character model is given its own unique sequence of combinations. Once those characters have been generated, the collection is complete and renders those characters in-game for each owner of the NFT. To play the game, visit

“Big Brain Holdings is an incredibly strong strategic partner for us,” says Alex Balog, COO of BRAVO READY. “Their investment gives us both the capital to execute on our operational goals and the associated trust that Big Brain’s involvement carries. They have a great presence within the Solana ecosystem, and we are excited to have them in our corner as we move forward.”


BRAVO READY is a Montreal-based video game studio and maker of the world’s first risk-based shooter, BR1: Infinite Royale, which bridges the gap between NFT technology and win-to-earn smart contract automation. This creates a radically different experience for players by empowering them to create tangible, financial value through the time they commit to playing games and make real-time crypto transactions as a core component of gameplay through playing, renting, and other interactions.


Corey Herscu