Global Leader in Motion Capture Gloves and Technology for Gaming and Animation Sectors Launches the StretchSense FIDELITY Today

AUCKLAND, New Zealand–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#SIGGRAPH2022–StretchSense (Sensor Holdings Limited) has launched the StretchSense MoCap Pro Fidelity, the newest iteration of its industry-leading motion capture glove. The news was announced by StretchSense CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Benjamin O’Brien.

The game and VFX industries are set to change with the arrival of the StretchSense Fidelity providing quality motion capture at lightning production speeds, opening new creative possibilities in character animation. The MoCap Pro Fidelity removes guesswork from the equation, measuring all hand movement directly from the joints, rather than using complex algorithms to compensate for blind spots.

“This utterly transforms the business model of game and VFX studios allowing them to creatively align, take on more work, and produce more and better content,” says O’Brien.

“Awesome finger tracking by StretchSense….this is really stable. I don’t want to worry about the tech stuff I just wanna be a content creator,” says Code Miko, 3D Virtual YouTuber Youna Kang.

The Fidelity includes a sensor for every degree of movement in the hand. Twenty-six sensors in total. The result is ground-breaking mocap, where the lifelike nature of the performer’s movement is captured in data, turning a character’s hands from an overhead to avoid to an opportunity to engage audiences.

“Hands are incredibly expressive. We use them to communicate all the time, without knowing. So the ability to create visual storytelling in real time through non-verbal communication with hands pushes the ceiling of engaging content even higher,” says StretchSense Chief Marketing Officer, Chuck Pludthura.

The Fidelity was designed to fit seamlessly into the workflows of motion capture and animation teams alike. The StretchSense Fidelity solution was built for the rigors of big stages and the comfort of desktop capture including the ability to use the gloves while charging and a 2x increase to the Bluetooth range.

Jet Olaño, Teaching Assistant, Unreal Virtual Production Fellowship says, “I can’t believe how easy it was to calibrate the gloves, the performance is insane.”

As one of the founders of StretchSense, Dr. Todd Gisby, Chief Technology Officer, has overseen the entire evolution of their hand tracking solution, up to today’s release of the Fidelity.

“We are always pushing the limits of high-performance hand capture and we are proud of the huge impact the MoCap Pro SuperSplay glove has had on raising the bar for capturing authentic performances. Now with thousands of hours in the field and amazing feedback from across the whole industry, we are excited to introduce our next level in hand capture, the MoCap Pro Fidelity glove. Distal knuckle sensors and more wrist sensors mean you get higher fidelity hand capture no matter what you ask your performer to do.”

About StretchSense: StretchSense (Sensor Holdings Limited) is the creator of the MoCap Pro Glove and Hand Engine software. Its industry-leading hand and finger motion capture solution combines bespoke stretch sensors with machine-learning for superior finger tracking and reduced clean up in post-production.

Digitizing lifelike movement and expression, StretchSense are leading the race to empower the makers of the future and become the hands of the metaverse. Its dedication to innovation has already positioned it as a driving market force in several key technology sectors including game development studios, film production and virtual reality. Founded in 2012 by Dr. Todd Gisby and Dr. Benjamin O’Brien, plus bioengineering Professor Iain Anderson, StretchSense has approximately 60 staff across offices in New Zealand and the US.

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