Osprey Funds following the launch of their Osprey Polkadot Trust join the Founder of WallStreetBets to explain how to view the financial markets as just another casino

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WallStreetBets began on a message board but this week they’re headed to Austin, where an estimated 15,000+ people are expected to descend upon Texas this week for Coindesk’s Consensus 22 festival celebrating of all things Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain.

Among the crowd of crypto enthusiasts are the same Wall Street degens that have fomo traded options using the free money cheat code circa 2019. These same folks who posted about their mega losses (or gains) – are now descending upon Austin, intermingling with crypto folk to create a new type of degen trader – one that isn’t afraid of bear markets.

This is why WallStreetBets Founder, Jaime Rogozinski with Osprey Funds, is throwing a party unlike anyone has seen before. Replete with Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Poker tables – fans of both Wall Street degeneracy and Cryptocurrencies will be able to gamble and brag about their biggest losses IRL.

Add to this mix some killer beats provided by a live DJ, free tacos, and an open bar serving beer and wine. WallStreetBets Founder, Jaime Rogozinski is also planning a first of its kind prediction contest, testing those with knowledge of both Wall Street and Crypto, with Engine Gaming’s WinView Games app. Attendees of the event can win some high-tech prizes such as Oculus Quest, hardware wallets, and more by participating in the game-of-skill contest.

This event is strictly 21+ and gambling is just for entertainment purposes only. The entire venue at The Belmont in Austin will be taken over and early attendance is highly encouraged. Party starts at 6PM and ends at 10PM.

Passes for C22 are required to get into the event, if you haven’t got yours yet there is a special promo code still available for fans of WallStreetBets. Use code: WALLSTREETBETS25 at checkout at (link) and also save 25% on your entry to the entire festival.

About Osprey Funds

Founder Greg King — creator of the most popular VIX ETFs — has launched the Osprey Polkadot Trust, making it easy to invest in $DOT right in your brokerage account. As the first and only tradable ticker in the US that invests solely in Polkadot, retail investors will benefit from no fees until at least January 1, 2023. Visit https://ospreyfunds.io/ for more information.

About WallStreetBets

Founded by Jaime Rogozinski while he was working your typical 9-5 in Finance, WallStreetBets started as a place to share insights with other retail investors that were looking for that next edge. Since the rise of meme stocks, WallStreetBets has grown beyond its original forum into a global retail investor movement focused on Finance Entertainment.

For more information please visit: https://www.wallstreetbets.net/

About EngineGaming

Engine Gaming and Media, Inc. (NASDAQ:GAME) (TSX-V:GAME) provides premium social sports and esports gaming experiences, as well as unparalleled data analytics, marketing, advertising, and intellectual property to support its owned and operated direct-to-consumer properties, while also providing these services to enable its clients and partners. The company’s subsidiaries include WinView Games, a social predictive play-along gaming platform for viewers to play while watching live events. Engine Media generates revenue through a combination of direct-to-consumer and subscription fees, streaming technology and data SaaS-based offerings, programmatic advertising and sponsorships. For more information, please visit www.enginegaming.com.


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