LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Harlan J. Werner, longtime sports agent of the late Muhammad Ali, today announced he has decided to part ways with his entire personal collection of incredible Ali memorabilia. The impressive collection will be available through his new venture, The Memorabilia Network, via auction later this summer. In addition to Werner’s collection, also included will be numerous Ali items from several friends and colleagues of Ali who have collaborated to offer an incredible array of articles from one of the most celebrated and one of the most beloved icons of the 21st Century.

“What makes this special, is that for the first time – being a fan and collector, in addition to being a confidant of Muhammad Ali – I will be able to share stories, talk about how things were acquired, and create a living provenance that collectors, investors and fans, will be able to have in their collections in perpetuity,” said Werner. “It is, in my view, the most accurate and complete way to allow fans the inside story behind how the items were acquired…by getting the story straight from the source,” he added.

Over 300 items will be available for sale with some of the highlights including a set of four art prints of Ali, generated from original artwork by Andy Warhol. Both Warhol and Ali signed the prints, with the set being one of only six known in existence from the icons. The auction will include personal writings of Ali, a 1970s era training-worn robe, numerous awards, and several personal items that have never been seen before. This will be the first opportunity for fans and collectors to have a chance at acquiring items accumulated by Werner over his 25-year personal friendship with Ali.

Additional highlights of the Ali collection will include over 30 pieces of artwork and sketches done by Muhammad himself. Also included is a unique collection of 30 hand-written notes and letters with incredible subject matter. There will be artwork created by Stephen Holland, LeRoy Neiman, and other acclaimed artists. Signed tickets, rare and unique programs, signed images and trading cards will also be available.

Werner has called upon his friends who have worked with him over the past decades, to share fun and inspirational stories about Ali in a special video that will be part of the auction process. Also participating will be those who also have acquired and collected items through the years. The collection will give fans of Ali a real treat, getting to see items and to hear about special insights of the man that Harlan refers to as his “special friend.” When asked what the value of the collection is worth, Werner replied “priceless.”

Werner, who spent over twenty years traveling with Ali, created The Memorabilia Network as the best place for people to share their unique stories, much like his intention to share his stories about their working relationship and friendship. It will allow fans and collectors to view and hear some truly amazing and inspirational stories, in addition to providing an opportunity to secure items Werner and his friends acquired through decades of working for, and with, The Greatest himself.


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