TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Libragames officially released Reverse Defenders, a challenging tower defense game, on Steam today.

Players are also encouraged to share videos or live streams of its gameplay.

Official release trailer

Steam page

An overview of Reverse Defenders

This is a tower defense game where players position characters to protect a village from enemies.

As the game’s worlds reset after a certain amount of time, players need to think of the class, skill, and item combinations that will allow them to clear the given stage.

The game is rather challenging, allowing players to feel a sense of success when winning after repeated trial and error.

– Countless position and pair possibilities

Characters are positioned in pairs as one fights while alternating between them. The character in front gets powered up by the character behind them, making it enjoyable to explore ideal combinations and positions from among many classes.

– Feel yourself improve

The game is rather challenging and is designed to make players likely to fail a few times. But players are rewarded with a strong feeling of success when they figure out what they did wrong and correct their mistakes to clear a stage. Feel yourself improve as you overcome your obstacles.

The failure will let you grow.

Calling all players confident in their gaming ability:

Enjoy the tower defense game that took Japan by storm about ten years ago.

When you try it, you will see what we mean.



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