Acceptance Speeches

Congratulations on your team’s NAVGTR awards!  Once you receive the physical awards, you can record and submit multiple optional acceptance speeches.

Basic Requirements

  • 1080p HD
  • H.264 compression
  • MP4 container
  • Featuring one person at a time whose name is actually engraved on the award
  • Filename should include name of person on screen
  • 6 to 45 seconds per speech

For additional specs, see AdDelivery Lite File Format Specification Sheet where not in conflict.  Please, no Quicktime.

Video Length

Long speeches (30 to 45 seconds) for archives are welcome as long as there are also very short (6 to 20 second) versions for TV.  The short version could be an excerpt or an entirely separate speech.  You can use the reference video from our hidden playlist to get an idea of time.

Talent Release

Once you know who will be accepting and/or who will be providing clearance for those speeches, please share their email addresses for receiving Clearance Release Form NAVGTR Comcast through Adobe.  There can be multiple speeches, but at least one speech must be solo in a dedicated framed shot with no other persons in the frame foreground or background.  Each person in the team should feel free to get creative or be outrageous!

Sending Files

Please submit files by sending a download link via email to “info at navgtr dot org”.  Ideally, the link should not have any password required. For example, if you upload to a free google drive, make sure the privacy is set to “anyone with the link”.  Video should be free of logos and graphics.