Interactive Media Production Wiki

The wiki is temporarily unavailable for a variety of reasons. Hosting/server costs for the past five years were not collected, and in 2013 we experienced several technical problems in transferring the database to a new wiki installation on a new server:

  1. PHPMyAdmin was corrupted on the old server. We had to uninstall and reinstall two instances of it for each of the two Wiki databases in order to back up the databases in preparation for transfer.  
  2. Discovered that the current Wiki version wouldn’t work on a modern server stack (it was created for PHP4). Automated upgrade process was broken because of the state of the databases on the old server, so we had to do a manual core file upgrade. 
  3. Upon importing the old database dump into the new Wiki database, we discovered that 90% of the Wiki page content hadn’t transferred.  
  4. Researched content import problem. Found an alternative XML export option to back up the Wiki content. 
  5. Encountered XML parser errors while uploading the XML file (because the Wiki exported file from the old database generated XML syntax errors).
  6. Manually importing the pages in chunks, because a mass import of the XML file broke on pages that included code in the content (PHP, etc.). 
  7. Manually adding the pages that had not been added because of the code. 
  8. Researched and executed a batch move/deletion process eliminate duplicate content.


In order to defray costs and relaunch the wiki despite sequestration, a $600 Kickstarter campaign will be launched from this page in the near future.  Alternatively, if the campaign does not succeed and you are interested in importing the wiki to your own server, please contact info at navgtr dot org to discuss terms which will depend on our ability to negotiate the necessary permissions and how much technical assistance is needed, if any.