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Here’s our top picks from the web this week, including our favorite gaming industry stories, interviews and reviews!

Writers’ strike v2? Voice actors ordered to strike on Friday
by Cory Arnold (@alex_tetra)

Video game voice actor strike begins over concerns of ‘safety and respect’
by Mike Cosimano (@MikeCosimano)

25 years of Civilization: We talk with Sid Meier
interview by Chris Bratt (@bratterz)

Why It’s So Hard to Make a Video Game
by Tina Amini (@TinaAmini)

Review: GoNNER
by Jed Whitaker (@jed05)

Long Live The Mouse And Keyboard, A Great Way To Control Video Games
by Kirk Hamilton (@kirkhamilton)

Building Environments For AAA Games
interview with Martin Teichmann by Kirill Tokarev (@EightyLevel)

12 stories from crazy ’90s PC gaming ads
by Matt Sayer (@sezonguitar)

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