Here’s our top picks from the web this week, including our favorite gaming industry stories, interviews and reviews!

A Day with Phil Spencer
interview with Phil Spencer by Nich Richardson (@NichBoy)

Playstation VR: Everything You Need to Know
by Jared Petty (@pettycommajared)

Building a space sim in a post-No Man’s Sky world
by Martin Robinson (@vics_viper)

‘PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator’ Review – Videos, Not Potatoes
by Rob Funnell (@robfunnell3)

Review: Paper Mario: Color Splash
by Conor McMahon (@ConorMcMahon64)

Oculus is now firmly a VR platform holder, not a headset company
by Alex Wawro (@awawro)

Audio Design Deep Dive: Using a human skull to create the sounds of Inside
by Martin Stig Anderson (@martinstigand)

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