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Forerunners : The History Of The PC Side-Scroller interviews with John Romero, Cliff Blezinski, Tom Hall, John Passfield,  Bill McIntosh, Dave Taylor, Scott Miller, and Clint Basinger by 3D Realms (@3drealms)

How ‘Mafia III’ Intends to Make Players Confront Racism
interview with Charles Webb by Austin Walker (@austin_walker)

What makes indie hit Virginia stand out?
podcast with Charlie Hall (@Charlie_L_Hall) and Colin Campbell (@ColinCampbellx)

‘Pokemon Go’ players deter suicides in Fukui
by Shusuke Murai (@jt_ShuM)

The Witcher 3 is a heroic fantasy where you aren’t the hero
by Rowan Kaiser (@RowanKaiser)

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