In this podcast from the Phoenix Theater at PAX, developers and journalists discuss and handicap the NAVGTR Awards races with last-minute predictions just hours before the winners are announced in each category.

Moderated by Ken Gagne of PC World, guest panelists include Susan Arendt, editor-in-chief of The Escapist, Jesse Cox, co-host of the Gamestation podcast, Charles Battersby of, and Will Brierly of Snowrunner Productions and Soda Drinker Pro, downloaded by 10 million popheads.

Part 2 begins with the Writing categories. Lego Batman 2 receives raves due to an appreciation for family-friendly work that is genuinely funny. A shout-out to the humor of Abobo is also not forgotten. For dramatic work, Spec Ops, Walking Dead, and Mass Effect 3 are especially recognized for creating some difficult choices.

Lastly, genres categories for fighting and role playing are followed by a deconstruction of Game of the Year, including the bean poll results from the PAX booth.

Click here for part 1.