After surveying 830 members of the press, NAVGTR Corp. has announced preliminary categories for a new awards program honoring the best of critical writing, reporting, and reviewing in the game press. First round entries have been extended to determine first year category demand before the official announcement of the program, categories, and venue. Here are the preliminary categories:

Critical Writing Categories

  • Funniest Review
  • Most Compelling Review
  • Outstanding Game Analysis
  • Outstanding Genre Analysis
  • Outstanding Story or Theme Analysis

Video Categories

  • Outstanding Editing
  • Outstanding Unscripted Personality
  • Outstanding Use of Visuals
  • Outstanding Voice Work

Journalism Categories

  • Best Coverage of Independent Work
  • Best Crisis Coverage
  • Best Event Coverage
  • Best Historical Analysis
  • Best Interview, Edited
  • Best Interview, Unedited
  • Best Long Form Coverage
  • Best Technology Analysis
  • Best Trend Reporting
  • Best Writing

Top Honors

  • Interviewer of the Year
  • Reporter of the Year
  • Reviewer of the Year
  • Outstanding Career Achievement