A study of entries over a four year period ending in FY21 revealed the least and most competitive categories.

Key Findings

Game of the Year was the most competitive, with 30 entries on average.
Gameplay Design, New IP was second most competitive, with 22 entries on average.

Averaging Under 10 Entries

Art Direction, Fantasy
Art Direction, Period Influence
Camera Direction in a Game Engine
Control Design, 2D or Limited 3D
Control Design, VR
Costume Design
Direction in a Game Cinema
Direction in Virtual Reality
Game, Classic Revival
Game, Fighting
Game, Franchise Adventure
Game, Franchise Family
Game, Franchise Role Playing
Game, Music or Performance-Based
Game, Original Adventure
Game, Original Family
Game, Original Role Playing
Game, Puzzle
Game, Simulation
Game, Special Class
Game, Strategy
Original Dramatic Score, Franchise
Original Dramatic Score, New IP
Original Light Mix Score, Franchise
Performance in a Comedy, Lead
Performance in a Comedy, Supporting
Song Collection
Song, Original or Adapted
Sound Editing in a Game Cinema
Sound Mixing in Virtual Reality
Use of Sound, Franchise
Writing in a Comedy

Averaging 10 or More Entries

Animation, Artistic
Animation, Technical
Art Direction, Contemporary
Character Design
Control Design, 3D
Control Precision
Game of the Year
Game, Franchise Action
Game, Original Action
Game, Racing
Game, Sports
Gameplay Design, Franchise
Gameplay Design, New IP
Graphics, Technical
Original Light Mix Score, New IP
Performance in a Drama, Lead
Performance in a Drama, Supporting
Sound Effects
Use of Sound, New IP
Writing in a Drama

Single Nominations

See which games got just one hard-earned creative or technical nomination.
Then see which categories were most friendly to solo acts over the years.
Review the details here.


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