TAOYUAN, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This year, the Hakka Expo will be held in Taoyuan City from Aug. 11 through Oct. 15. The theme of the expo is “Travel to Tomorrow” with an aim to highlight the stories of migrating Hakka people and the fusion of Hakka and local cultures around the world. By combining the characteristics of Taoyuan as a smart city and starting a dialogue on the future of technology, the event aims to expand from local to international and explore innovation through traditional aspects, making Taiwan a global platform for Hakka cultural exchanges.

The Hakka Expo, which showcases the significant influence that Hakka culture brings to the future society, demonstrates the rich variety of connotations of the Hakka culture as well as the contribution of Hakka’s social power to society and its future. It also places Taiwan’s Hakka at the center of the global Hakka network, connecting the world and the future.

The two main exhibition areas of the expo, the Taiwan Pavilion and the World Pavilion, are located near the Taoyuan Airport MRT A19 Taoyuan Sports Park Station. There will also be eight auxiliary exhibition halls – Conch Plaza, Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center, Taoyuan Children’s Art Center, 1895 War Memorial Park, Taiwan Hakka Tea Museum, International Indigenous Cultural & Creative Park, North Taoyuan Hakka Cultural Hall, and Lunping Cultural Park. Each of these ten exhibition areas has its own distinctive features, showcasing the diversity of the Hakka Expo!

The 66-day event will provide a platform for local and international performing groups to showcase their talents, engaging the audience with spectacular performances. It will also feature large-scale installation art, light sculptures, a themed bazaar, and food booths offering a variety of Hakka delicacies. Join us in Taoyuan on Aug. 11 to experience the unique Hakka culture! To find out more about the event, please visit https://www.hakkaexpo2023.tw/


Taoyuan City Government