GGWP Brings New Funding from Samsung Ventures, SK Telecom Ventures and Others to Build More Positive Player Communities

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GGWP, the leading AI-based game moderation platform, has unveiled free access to its moderation tools for all developers. The company has been implementing its capabilities with dozens of developers over the past year and is now ready to make the platform available to everyone. Founded by games entrepreneur Dennis “Thresh” Fong, Crunchyroll founder Kun Gao, and data and AI expert, Dr. George Ng, GGWP has raised additional funding from Samsung Ventures and SK Telecom Ventures to help fuel the growth of the platform.

“We have felt from the start that all developers should be able to support the healthy online experiences that players deserve,” said Dennis Fong, CEO and Co-Founder of GGWP. “Even the best staffed developers can’t keep up with even a fraction of reported incidents through human moderation. Leveraging AI and a sophisticated platform of tools, we address the vast number of incidents. And now with GGWP going free, we hope the whole industry will join us on our mission to help make our game communities safe and enjoyable social spaces.”

The additional funding will allow GGWP to continue working with teams on large AAA titles, as well as startups fueling the next wave of games. Teams using GGWP’s AI-driven technology to fight toxicity have been able to triage an average of 98% of player reports through the platform, and flagged the most serious reports for additional review for human moderation, delivering the most complete and effective model for community moderation today.

All developers now have access to GGWP’s entire suite of products – the same ones some AAA studios have been using – with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, and no minimum commitments kicking in beyond the free tier. Custom pricing and volume discounts are available for larger games. GGWP’s solutions work on any platform including web, PC, mobile, and consoles.

GGWP is the first comprehensive game moderation platform and works to holistically combat harmful and disruptive player behavior through a variety of best-in-class solutions which can be used together or separately:

  • Player Reports: The most popular games in the world receive billions of user-submitted reports a year and are able to only respond to <0.1% of them. GGWP revolutionizes report handling by automatically validating, triaging, and prioritizing reports and improving the response rate to 98%+.
  • Usernames: Usernames are more than just identifiers; they are the first interaction point between players within a game’s community. GGWP catches the unnatural language, l33tspeak, and workarounds that gamers use to create inappropriate usernames.
  • Chat: GGWP goes beyond simple keyword-based filters by using contextual AI to identify and respond to difficult-to-detect behaviors like sarcasm, gameplay criticism, bullying, hate speech, child grooming, and more.
  • Player Behavior: GGWP uses AI to automatically detect behaviors such as intentional AFK, leaving a match early in a team-based game, friendly fire, feeding, griefing, trolling, and more.
  • Reputation Platform: Every incident, whether it’s AI-detected, user-reported, or identified through an external source flows through the GGWP platform and affects a user’s reputation score. Credibility ratings are also generated based on how often GGWP validates a player’s report.
  • Discord bot: GGWP’s Discord bot leverages the same chat and reputation models to help moderate Discord servers and conveniently brings Discord incidents into the same view on the GGWP platform.
  • Game-specific Context: Our system uniquely takes into account additional factors to help determine player intention and context for every incident. For example, we don’t penalize people for what appears to be toxic chat if they’re goofing off with their friends. Other examples include: rank/skill of player, activity level, whether it’s a casual or ranked match, etc.

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About GGWP

GGWP, founded by games and media veterans, is an artificial intelligence-based platform to help combat toxicity in online games. The company is backed by leading investors and game companies including BITKRAFT Ventures, Makers Fund, Griffin Gaming Partners, and Riot Games. Publishers and developers can learn more about how to fight online toxicity with GGWP at


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