Co-founders of Alienware lead funding round to support Gamercraft’s mission of empowering amateur gamers and enhancing the online competitive gaming experience

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gamercraft, the AI-driven, skill-based competitive gaming platform, has successfully raised $5 million in funding for the first part of its seed round. The funding was led by the co-founders of computer hardware giant Alienware (existing investors) and included participation from Le Fonds, Mistral Ventures, Quantic Fund, Stellaria Capital, and others. The company plans to use the proceeds to expand engineering & platform capabilities, introduce new games and genres in 2024, and expand growth marketing efforts. The Miami-based firm plans to close the seed round later this year.

Established in 2020, Gamercraft’s mission is to accelerate the evolution of skill-based gaming economies into fundamental aspects of the overall video game industry. “We envision a future where gamers will no longer have to settle exclusively for passive gaming experiences, instead embracing experiences where their time and skills invested result in tangible returns for them,” said CEO, Jose Javier Garcia-Rovira. This ambitious vision forms the core of Gamercraft’s mission: to integrate skill gaming into the heart of future gaming economies. Gamercraft’s focus is driven by forming new markets around complex, highly strategic, player-versus-player (PvP) games, offering challenges, competitions, and robust anti-cheat detection to enhance gaming experiences and trust for all players.

Building upon its growth and success to date from the AAA online titles already supported on its competitive PVP platform, new funding will allow Gamercraft to rapidly accelerate the development and launch of a library of new game genres and titles. The select collaborations up to now have allowed Gamercraft to attract an impressive user base composed of hundreds of thousands of passionate gamers across North America, Latin America, and Europe, with millions of new users forecasted via new product development. The accelerating adoption of Gamercraft’s platform highlights the rising demand for an accessible skill-based gaming economy and signals the potential for a new era of competitive gaming.

At the intersection of blockchain and AI, Gamercraft is forging a unique path as a gaming infrastructure player. Where traditional anti-cheat models fall short, Gamercraft’s engineering talent has pioneered a new solution: an adaptive learning-based model to analyze the most granular details of player data. The platform leverages the AWS Quantum Ledger, a fully managed ledger database that provides a transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable transaction log. Gamercraft’s innovative & proprietary scoring and player-tracking system meticulously analyzes hundreds of data points per game for each player and translates them into precise performance assessments and insights using AI. The precision of this model ensures fair play and paves the way for highly defensible, hyper-localized features such as personal AI coaching and player development. This blend of AI and blockchain technology sets Gamercraft apart in its commitment to delivering high-value competitive gaming experiences and analytics for players at all skill levels.

The company plans to utilize a portion of its proceeds for further exploration and innovation in promising areas of competitive and blockchain gaming, aligning with its core mission. While maintaining its focus on the AI-driven gaming ecosystem, these strategic additions will further solidify Gamercraft’s role as a leader in the growing skill-based gaming market.

About Gamercraft

Gamercraft is an AI-driven, skill-based competitive gaming platform that empowers mobile, PC, and console gamers to compete against each other in tournaments for monetary rewards, complemented by a supporting portfolio of value-added services designed to improve player performance. The company is on a mission to revolutionize gaming by utilizing artificial intelligence to provide a trustworthy, fair, and robust set of competitive gaming experiences. Compete, improve your skills, and make your mark.


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