DUBAI, United Arab Emirates–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Undeads Metaverse is making waves in the gameFi space. Backed by the BAYC community, with renowned holders such as n0b0dy.eth and indifferentguy.eth, ($20M+ collective value of held NFT assets), conceived from the ground up to breathe new life into the GameFi industry. Undeads Metaverse is a AAA MMORPG survival game with a rich storyline, as well as action that takes place between humans and zombies. Undeads Metaverse is led by ex-PayPal executive Leo Kahn and ex-Animoca’s Phantom Galaxies CMO, Ash Hodgetts. Warner Bros. and Wabi Sabi sound have partnered with the project too, adding further prestige to the entire endeavor. Indeed, given the pedigree of those at the helm, the strong partnerships, and the direct support of major NFT investors, it’s little wonder that investors are flocking to the project.

Currently the project is offering bonus incentives to reward those jumping into the ecosystem early. Player-investors can mint now and get a bunch of extra features including an antidote NFT and access to a private discord server. Additionally, Undeads Zombie NFT holders can win up to 3 Blue Chip NFTs by Yuga Labs and a chance to win an Undeads Merch Box.

Of course this is all well and good, but what about long-term value for player-investors? The Undeads Metaverse team have been upfront about the disdain that surrounds NFT game projects and are using the folly of those who have come before to ensure they don’t repeat any mistakes. “We’re very aware of the unsustainability of most Web3-enabled gaming products,” says Leo. “This is due to their focusing being on selling-out NFT collections and not about long-term sustainability, meaning their economy collapses once player interest falls off. Our paramount objective was to make a genuinely entertaining and rewarding game that players will truly want to engage with first, as well giving them legitimate earning potentials, all linked to a long-term term story and game content roadmap that will keep them entertained for years.” In fact it seems that the executive team is laser-focused on creating a long-lasting and dedicated community of enthusiastic players.


Company: Undeads FZE LLC

Person: Ash Hodgetts