WePlay Ventures has launched Europes largest Game Acceleration Program. The game studios will be trained on various aspects of game development during the three-month program. Upon completion of the program, the studios will have the opportunity to receive investments.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WePlay Ventures, which recently expanded its operational region to Europe and Central Asia, has launched the largest Game Acceleration Program in Europe in collaboration with key players in the gaming ecosystem. Early-stage gaming studios that develop games for mobile, PC, console, and Web3 platforms in Europe, Central Asia, and Turkey will be able to apply to the program.

During the three-month program, studios will receive training in finance, business development, and strategy, as well as technical areas such as development, art and game design. They will have the opportunity to meet with industry professionals and benefit from their experiences. The gaming studios that successfully complete the program will have the opportunity to test their games with the world’s largest publishers and receive investment from WePlay Ventures.

Physical workspaces will be available in 13 countries

The Game Acceleration Program, created in collaboration with Europe’s top gaming companies, stands out from other programs due to its emphasis on securing the best investment and publishing opportunities. The program aims to foster knowledge-sharing and synergy among participants in the region. While the program will primarily take place online, physical workspaces will be available in 13 countries. Further details on the countries and program will be announced soon.

We aim to find the most promising yet overlooked gaming studios”

Explaining that they are excited to have been working on this program for a long time, WePlay Ventures Managing Partner Bora Koçyiğit said; “At WePlay, we are committed to supporting early-stage gaming studios in every way we can. We have recognized that these studios require strategic and financial guidance, which forms the foundation of our Acceleration Program.”

“In collaboration with leading stakeholders in the European gaming ecosystem, we have created what we believe will be Europe’s largest game acceleration program. We are confident that the program will surpass expectations and benefit the entire gaming industry in the region,” he added.

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Oyku Uygan