Social Gaming Platform to Enable Brand-New Player Experience on Web3

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mysten Labs (“Mysten” or the “Company”), a web3 infrastructure company and initial contributor of the Sui Layer 1 blockchain, today announced a partnership with Arrivant, a leading game developer and publisher creating truly social games and shared experiences, to integrate the studio’s web experiences and in-development flagship game, Project Eluüne: StarGarden, on Sui.

United by their mission to give millions of players an online “third space” to call home, Arrivant is in production on Project Eluüne: StarGarden, a team-based, social ‘auto-battler’ built on Unreal Engine 5—where players form a tribe of up to 40, build their village, and compete with other StarGardens to heal a shattered world.

Arrivant’s CEO, Cedric Gamelin, assembled a world-class team reuniting four of the original co-founders that shipped the first Call of Duty game for console and set the foundation for what became one of the largest gaming franchises of all time. The studio also includes leadership talent from Epic Games, EA, Sega, Kabam, Wargaming, and Zynga—team members who have collectively shipped over 100 games, including three titles grossing over $1 billion, that are enjoyed by over 100 million players.

Founded in 2021, Arrivant organically built a community of over 30,000 members and just recently revealed their first playable tech demo of Project Eluüne: StarGarden on the floor of the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA.

The company is focused on creating an awesome game first and foremost while utilizing blockchain technology to innovate on features that support player identity, improved match-making, and recognition. Arrivant will utilize Mysten’s unmatched experience in helping enhance and scale web3 games, and Sui’s unique user- friendly infrastructure to create highly immersive social gaming experiences. The first launch on Sui will be the player companion known as the Aurahma. Aurahma are spirit guides for players with customizable traits and in-game utility that can affect gameplay strategy.

The definition of social in gaming today is often more akin to multiplayer, a truly social gaming experience is actually hard to find, especially if you enter a game without pre-existing friends you already have.” said Cedric Gamelin, Chief Executive Officer of Arrivant. “We are thrilled to launch Project Eluüne: StarGarden to create a fun game experience where social play is both facilitated and incentivized. We look forward to ushering in the next era of social gaming on Sui where players can make new friends playing our games.”

We are very excited to partner with Arrivant and deliver this incredibly engaging game to the Sui ecosystem,” said Evan Cheng, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mysten Labs. “Project Eluüne: StarGarden introduces a level of customization and social engagement that are unique to not only web3, but gaming as a whole. We can’t wait to leverage Sui’s decentralized technology and purpose-built gaming infrastructure to bring such a meaningful new gaming experience to our community.”

About Mysten Labs

Mysten Labs is a team of leading distributed systems, programming languages, and cryptography experts whose founders were senior executives of Meta’s Novi Research and lead architects of the Diem blockchain and Move programming language. The mission of Mysten Labs is to create foundational infrastructure for Web3.

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About Sui

Sui (or Sui Network) is the first Layer 1 blockchain designed from the ground up to enable creators and developers to build experiences that cater for the next billion users in web3. Sui is horizontally scalable to support a wide range of dApp development with unrivaled speed at low cost. The first-of-its-kind platform brings users a general-purpose blockchain with high throughput, instant settlement speeds, rich on-chain assets, and user-friendly web3 experiences. Sui is a step-function advancement in blockchain, designed from bottom up to meet the needs of the next billion users in crypto.

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About Arrivant

Arrivant is building fun, mass-market games with social spaces designed to help people make new friendships. Join the community to start building your player passport that spans all of Arrivants upcoming products and gives players special access and engagement opportunities.

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About Project Eluüne: StarGarden

Arrivant’s Project Eluüne: StarGarden is a free-to-play social game providing participants the opportunity to form tribes of 5-40 players, forge new friendships, craft powerful creatures, trade, battle, and collectively heal a shattered world.

StarGarden is being built on top of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences. UE5 will allow StarGardens to provide players a truly lush, vibrant, and immersive world that can stand on equal footing with major traditional games. Learn more and join Project Eluüne online at or join the Discord community here:


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