LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The world’s largest awards organization, the Huading Awards Group, recently announced at its Hollywood headquarters in the U.S. that it was going to officially upgrade its brand in 2023 to create world-class entertainment awards comparable to the Oscar and Grammy.

It is understood that the Huading Awards has a 15-year history and has successfully held 35 grand awards ceremonies, recognizing areas covering film, television, music and public charity, etc. During this period, the Huading Awards completed the evolution from a Chinese award to an international one within this time frame and became one of the most influential entertainment awards in Asia.

Facing future development and changes, Huading Awards realized that participating in the mainstream pattern of world entertainment is the next task and mission of the awards. Therefore, it decided to enhance the brand image, strengthen the influence of the brand, and upgrade the selections and awards of films, TV series, music and public charity to a full scale: Huading International Film Festival, Huading International TV Festival, Huading International Music Festival, Huading International Art Festival and Huading Charity Night.

According to the official introduction, the upgraded Huading series awards will be held in March, June and November of every odd-numbered year for different brands. In every even-numbered year, the awards will be held in March for all brands, launching the “Huading Awards Season”.

At the same time, Huading Awards Group has also revised the “Huading Awards Charter” to abolish the rule of ” no award without attendance”. Previously, this rule has been used for 35 Huading Awards sessions, which has caused heated debate many times.

In 2018, the Chinese operation headquarters of Huading Awards was located in Macau, the Asian operation headquarters was located in Hong Kong, and the global operation headquarters was located in Los Angeles, creating the “Global Audience Reputation Award” through the operation pattern of the three headquarters.

In 2021, the Huading Awards was named “the World’s 100 Most Influential Cultural Brands” by the World Culture Industry Center. There are three Chinese brands on this list: the Palace Museum, Tik Tok, and Huading Awards. Meanwhile, the Oscars, Grammy, Emmy, Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival and other world-class entertainment brands can be seen in this list.