The game is led by Manel Sort, ex-First Vice President at King Entertainment, the creators of Candy Crush Saga, and his team at Games For A Living.

BARCELONA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CandyCrushSaga–Strategy based RPG game Elemental Raiders has officially launched on Steam, with a Windows version available to download here. The game is completely free to play with single player as well as multiplayer options, combining features from collectable card games and multiplayer RPGs.

Players can assemble teams from a range of available characters, or heroes, to fight against powerful monsters in Runaria in the PvE Raid mode, compete online in the PvP Arena with a competitive ranking system, or battle against friends in PvP, earning skills and rewards along the way.

The game is currently only available on Windows, with a mobile version soon to be on the way. You can watch the trailer for Elemental Raiders on YouTube.

Elemental Raiders, allows Steam powered users to enjoy the game for free. The game is led by CEO Manel Sort, who was First Vice President at King Studios, the creators of Candy Crush, as well as had significant involvement with titles such as Call of Duty Mobile and more. Manel is also the CEO and co-founder of G4AL.

Sort was excited to celebrate “launching on Steam” as an important milestone for the company. The team at Elemental Raiders commented on the game’s launch on Steam, “We have done something great with Elemental Raiders, a game as it should be, completely free-to-play, for all the strategy RPG lovers out there. The additional features in the game, to be deployed later in 2023, will give players the choice to monetise their time and efforts in the game they are already playing and enjoying.”

“Launching on Steam is yet another milestone for us and a very important one. We want to provide users with a seamless RPG game, and the ability to monetise their time with added features as we launch them later this year,” says the ER team.

Games within the traditional realm, or beyond, need to create fair self-sustainable economies and, most importantly, fun for everyone.

G4AL studios hopes to launch multiple games under its umbrella, but attention remains on the RPG game Elemental Raiders and its magical world of Runaria.


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