WUHU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–An unprecedented world-class football match has concluded successfully. During the 28-day tournament, the “JETOUR Carnival 2022” in front of the Qatar stadium drew the attention of international visitors. Exciting electronic music singles, a four-city parade with fans from across the globe, and an unforgettable electronic music carnival night let sports and music coexist and cohere; JETOUR Auto’s international collaboration performed an important marketing example for the whole industry.

Popular worldwide · Outstanding Cross-Border Marketing

During the “2022 JETOUR Carnival,” JETOUR revealed its charisma through a combination of music and football, not only co-creating the brand track “Come With Me” with Christina Novelli, a well-known top 100 female DJ vocalist from the UK, but also touring Khor, Al Wakrah, Rayyan, and Doha, and launching the #Qatar 4 City Parade Call# campaign. Interacting directly with fans across the globe and displaying the exotic passion defines JETOUR. Notably, JETOUR’s Electronic Music Carnival Night in Qatar also included performances by Top 100 DJ Plastik Funk and Argentine football hero Javier Zanetti.

Passion, football, the carnival, and music. JETOUR has created a symbiotic relationship between brands, companies, automobile owners, and art, which enables the brand reputation to continue to expand around the globe.

World-Renowned · The World’s Leading Trend

Cross-border marketing is now the most common marketing strategy. JETOUR’s cross-field approach used during international football matches is a well-known strategic approach, such as the #LetsGoalJETOUR TikTok challenge organized by JETOUR Global and the dazzling light show at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. JETOUR is not only a manufacturer of high-quality goods, but also a company that embraces young consumers from outside by using modern methods to get closer to them.

JETOUR’s Middle East and global approach is growing due to its remarkable efforts and spectacular cross-field advertising. Over 30 nations and regions have bought JETOUR cars, which have 510,000 users and 14.5 million fans. Since September, JETOUR has had the most market share among Chinese brands in Uzbekistan while Egypt’s JETOUR X70 won Best Sales Growth in 2021.

JETOUR has built 300 sales and service networks worldwide and is an internationally acclaimed Chinese carmaker. JETOUR’s “China Speed” will advance faster in the global market as it innovates products and marketing and expands its boundaries.


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