WUHU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With Qatar as its focal point, the football championship fever is sweeping the world. To celebrate the championship, Jetour, a Chinese car company, hosted an electronic music carnival night with two top 100 DJs: Christina Novelli and Plastik Funk as well as the great football player, Javier Zanetti.

Playing the Jetour Brand Single and the Amazing Night of Jetour Carnival

Throughout the night, Jetour constantly presented surprises. Jetour not only invited top 100 DJ Christina Novelli to make the brand-new single “Come With Me,” but also sparked excitement via music throughout the activity. “Come With Me” is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major music platforms. The lyrics: don’t matter where we go, what you wear; what we’re doing tonight; long as I’m with you, fully express the Jetour brand concept: define travel by action.

In addition to asking Top 100 DJ Christina Novelli to compose brand songs, Jetour invited another Top 100 DJ, Plastik Funk, to perform live at the Jetour Carnival Night, and iconic football player Zanetti was flown in to stoke fan fervour. By combining music and football, Jetour sparked the interaction with on-site supporters and drove the electronic carnival night to its peak.

Engaging with young ideas and putting “define travel by action” into practice.

Music has no boundaries. Jetour combines the international football match with borderless music, showcasing the brand’s never-ending search of youth and fashion. The honest invitation to make music and the presence of two of the top 100 DJs demonstrate that Jetour is eager to satisfy the demands of music enthusiasts and fans throughout, build a multi-communication bridge, achieve relevance, and emphasize the brand’s focus on them. It is anticipated that in the future, Jetour will continue to practice the concept of “defining travel by action,” have ongoing insight into young trends, and offer the external world with a perpetual carnival.


Jiang Junjie

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