LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On December 12, the first World Film Industry Conference was organized the Global Film Producers Summit Forum at LOEWS Hotel in Los Angeles.

Many filmmakers who were active for a long-time in China and U.S, have talked about their opinions of China- U.S relationship, the epidemic situation and the influence by the development of streaming media in future film industry.

Chinese director Sherwood Hu was taking the conduct of the forum. Other participants included Bill Mechanical, who is the producer of the Oscar shortlisted film “Hacksaw Ridge”; Omar Kaczmarczyk, who is a Producer and produced more than 200 films; A veteran Hollywood Co-Producer, Fredric Golchan; and Musician Gordon Williams, a Grammy Award winner.

As for the future prospect of the co-production of China and U.S, the filmmakers also think that there’s having a great obstacle, but they are still looking for the opportunities.

Fredric Golchan considers that’s really difficult to find a theme that can satisfy the demand of U.S. and China’s markets.

Recently, he was preparing a film that’s about Anna May Wong, who is the first Chinese-American Hollywood actress. The films will telling how this Chinese American actress broke all kinds of limitations and prejudices, and finally won a place in Hollywood.

He believes that this story will be liked by Chinese and American audiences and expected to start shooting in the United States soon. Of course, he will consider the demands of the Chinese market and strive for its release in China.

Also, the American producer Bill Mechanic has shared his recent experience of co-production. He was planning to produce a film, which is about the 1960s Chinese immigrants were then building railways in California, and the story will mainly around the racial conflict and class conflict in those days.

In the beginning, they were ready to be shooting in Australia and China but have been shelved due to the epidemic. Later, because of the rigid relationship between China and U.S., the investor was not optimistic that the film can release in China and the reaction in American market, so the shooting was suspended.


Los Angeles, USA