• Simcoach Games and Marquis Software Development, Inc., launch digital ReEntry simulations to prepare justice-involved citizens to successfully re-enter society
  • Learners practice making employment, social, financial, health and personal decisions in an interactive, immersive environment
  • Overcoming challenges through virtual and gamified experiences develops resiliency, perseverance and confidence needed to overcome real-life obstacles

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CriminalJusticeReformSimcoach Games, an industry innovator in the development of purpose-driven digital experiences and interactive applications, today announced the release of the ReEntry simulations developed with Marquis Software Development, Inc., a national leader in offender management software. Consisting of multiple games and immersive experiences, these digital applications teach skills and develop attributes foundational to successful re-entry into communities and society.

ReEntry applications let learners experience how the right decisions lead to positive and desired outcomes. Virtual learning experiences include time management, employment skills, interview skills, finances, social life, and healthy living. Achieving winning outcomes in these simulated experiences requires learners to develop basic skills while building and adopting attributes such as resiliency, perseverance, and confidence.

“When we acquired Simcoach Games, we believed that digital experiences could be used to transform decision-making and facilitate the adoption of winning behaviors,” says Brian Kaleida, Simcoach CEO. “Since that acquisition, sectors as diverse as healthcare, workforce readiness, safety and education have used Simcoach’s products to prepare learners to assess skills, explore interests, make choices and absorb information in a safe, personalized and interactive space.” Mr. Kaleida continues, “We were pleased to work with Marquis Software to offer these transformative learning experiences to people preparing to re-enter their communities and become productive contributors to society.”

Marquis Software Development, Inc., has been providing offender management solutions to state-wide departments of corrections for over 40 years. Their electronic Offender Management Information Solution (eOMIS©) is a comprehensive solution that tracks offenders from intake into state facilities to release into the community. Part of Marquis’ continued success is their ethos of innovation and their ability to provide mission-critical solutions that work now and in the future.

“As a pioneer in correctional software, Marquis was thrilled to work with Simcoach, an innovator in virtual learning solutions, to provide such an advanced and important re-entry solution,” says Ben Harrell, Director of Sales and Marketing. “We believe this will make a difference in people’s lives and ultimately reduce recidivism.”

Simcoach’s applications and simulations are developed in its game design and production studio where digital innovations that facilitate personal discovery, decision-making and positive behavior change are conceptualized, developed and commercialized. “Simcoach sees digital and immersive learning experiences as foundational to organizational improvement and even personal transformation,” says John Lucke, Simcoach Chief Growth Officer. “These ReEntry simulations are great illustrations of how our interactive learning experiences can positively impact decisions, choices and behaviors among individuals, and how these changes can benefit organizations, businesses and communities.”

About Simcoach Games

Since 2005, Simcoach Games has been at the forefront of creating engaging, imaginative and highly interactive virtual learning solutions. Having produced hundreds of video games, applications and simulations with millions of downloads for leading business enterprises, government agencies, and academic institutions, Simcoach’s products facilitate active learning, encourage positive behavior change, and streamline training. Visit simcoachgames.com to see our applications in action, and how we make a difference for clients, partners and in diverse learning communities.

About Marquis Software Development, Inc.

Marquis Software is a leading provider of Offender Management Systems. For over 40 years, they have pioneered the enterprise-wide automation of corrections software with their electronic Offender Management Information System (eOMIS®). The eOMIS® system offers unsurpassed solutions for Inmate Management, Electronic Health Records and Community Supervision. Marquis Software is the largest provider of Offender Management Software in the world and has been implemented in nine state Department of Corrections and over 16 county jails. To learn more about Marquis Software products, contact Ben Harrell at ben.harrell@marquisware.com.


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