LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On December 11-12, the World Film Industry Conference will be held in Los Angeles. Speaker of the California State Assembly Anthony Rendon, sent a letter to Haige Wang, President of the World Film Industry Conference, congratulating the first World Film Industry Conference on its being held in California. He said that there is no better place in the United States to host the World Film Industry Conference than California, which is about to become the fourth largest economy in the world. He expects that through the World Film Industry Conference coming to the United States, it will become an important opportunity to promote US Sino humanistic exchanges

In his congratulatory letter, Anthony Rendon said, “I share your interest in establishing stronger global dialogue among filmmakers. The need for diversity, communication and authenticity is very important at this time. I am honored by your invitation to participate.”

Anthony Rendon wrote, “The California Legislature has worked closely with the film industry during my tenure as Speaker, and as a strong advocate for the arts, I am proud of the support the State of California has been able to provide to one of its most iconic industries.”

In his congratulatory letter, he also spoke highly of the World Film Industry Conference organizer, the Huading Awards Group, in promoting friendship and interconnection between US Sino humanistic exchanges and film cooperation.

Anthony Rendon emphasized, ā€œIā€™m also excited to see the establishment of the Aollywood Film Workers Association to support filmmaking in Asia. Los Angeles and California are at cores of the film industry and historical centers of Asian American population, it only makes sense for us to build a link of mutual support and communication.ā€

The first World Film Industry Conference, to be held simultaneously in both Los Angeles, USA and Macau, China, will convene the global film elite for a dialogue that will attract worldwide attention and be of great significance. The first World Film Industry Conference will strive to find the path of global film recovery in the post-COVID-19 era, promote communication and cooperation in the film industry, which is bound to attract high attention from the world film industry.


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